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TeamFirst, walk-ons, developing young pitchers & catchers

TeamFirst, walk-ons, developing young pitchers & catchers…2.5 billion veteran catchers are so useful.

The KIA Tigers decided to sign their main catcher Kim Tae-gun (34) on the 16th. He signed a three-year contract with a salary of 2 billion won, an option of 500 million won, and a maximum of 2.5 billion won. When he signed a free agent contract with NC four years ago, it was only 4 years and 1.3 billion won. Kim Tae-gun also expressed his satisfaction, saying, “It may be weak compared to other catchers, but it’s a lot of money for me.”

Since he was acquired from Samsung in a trade last July, he has been signing non-free agent multi-year contracts. Although the negotiations were protracted due to the large difference in the amount of money, it was expected to be decided at the end of the season as both sides acknowledged their need for each other. KIA will be able to stabilize its outfield by preventing the outflow of reserve free agent Kim Tae-gun.

Both the club and manager Kim Jong-guk understood the need. Above all, Kim Tae-gun’s performance after the trade greatly influenced the decision to keep him for three years. His influence on the junior catchers was significant, 카지노사이트킴 and his team-first mentality and work ethic are among his many strengths.

“We are fortunate that Tae-gun, who has a lot of experience as a catcher, will be with us for the next three years. Having an experienced catcher is very helpful for the young catchers. I expect a good effect on the pitchers as well. He will lead the young pitchers well. I thought it was a stable contract for us to be a strong team next season.” He welcomed the extension.

In particular, he said, “Through LG, NC, and Samsung, he pays a lot of attention to team first. He has a strong sacrificial spirit. He has good harmony with the players. He is an example for young players. He clearly talks about the wrong parts.” They expected leadership from Kim Tae-gun, who is not afraid to criticize his juniors on the field. Kim also said, “Some players will be nervous when they hear my contract. I won’t accept them,” he laughed.

Kim joined the team in the middle of the season, so his chemistry with the pitchers couldn’t be perfect. Catchers have to start the season from spring training to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the pitchers and prepare for the direction. The adjustment was not easy. Kim Tae-gun said, “I did the work in July and August that I do in spring training. Next year, I will prepare well in spring training so that I can hit from the beginning.”

Manager Shim Jae-hak is hopeful that it will help the young catchers develop. If Kim Tae-gun can be the main catcher for about two years until 2025, Han Jun-soo, Kwon Hyuk-kyung (expected to be called up), and rookie Lee Sang-joon can make the leap to the main roster. We envisioned a natural generation change. It was also expected that it would be very helpful, including on-the-spot training.

In fact, Han Jun-soo, the 208th first-round pick, has been growing rapidly with a lot of advice from Kim Tae-gun. “He made many invisible contributions to the team, such as the work ethic he showed when he came to KIA,” said Shim. Tae-gun gave him a lot of advice on ball placement and other things that helped him grow quickly. The contract terms reflected that.” The expectation that it will be a beneficial contract for KIA could be read.

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