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The 2nd Spring Camp MVP Selected by SSG Pitchers

The 2nd Spring Camp MVP Selected by SSG Pitchers was Catcher Cho Hyung-woo

Professional baseball SSG Landers unusually selected two players, a fielder and a catcher,

as the most valuable players (MVPs) for the second spring camp.

Usually, they are divided into pitchers and fielders,

but this time, the pitchers strongly recommended catcher Cho Hyeong-woo as MVP.

SSG will return home on the afternoon of the 7th after completing the 2024 spring camp in Florida, USA and Chiayi, Taiwan.

SSG’s new coach Lee Soong-yong, who completed the spring camp schedule, said,

“Following the first camp, the players trained well in the second camp without any major injuries.

First, I would like to say thank you to the players.” 바카라사이트

He added, “The good camp environment and the players’

“I am grateful to the coaching staff and front office who worked behind the scenes for our development,” he said.

He continued, “Through the second camp game,

I saw how energetic and lively the team was as a team despite the fierce competition.

Through that, I was able to confirm the strengths and positive aspects of our team.”

He added, “The good atmosphere will continue until the exhibition game starting on the 9th.

“I will prepare well for the regular season, which opens on the 23rd,” he said.

Go Myeong-jun, who is competing for the starting first baseman position,

was selected as the fielder MVP.

Go Myung-jun said, “I was able to improve thanks to the hitting coaches during the camp.

I visited them every day, asked for advice, and worked together, which led to good results.

I want to continue my good performance after the exhibition game and the opening of the regular season.”

SSG did not select a pitcher MVP based on the pitchers’ opinions,

but chose catcher Cho Hyung-woo as another MVP.

The MVPs selected at the end of the first camp on the 22nd of last month were pitcher Lee Roon and fielder Ahn Sang-hyun,

but this time, the fielder and catcher received one each.

SSG pitchers explained, “We acknowledge catcher Cho Hyeong-woo’s contribution to working with the pitchers throughout the spring training period.”

Cho Hyeong-woo said, “As this is the second camp to improve one’s practical sense,

we trained with a high emphasis on defense.

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