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Four Card Poker is a poker-based game developed by Roger Snow of Shuffle Master. It utilizes a shuffle master automatic shuffling machine played on the same type of table and used for three-card poker. There are similarities, but there are clear differences in the game and strategy. Four-card poker is similar to three-card poker in that it is two games at a time. The default game is anti-play, which competes with dealers, as in three-card poker. The second part of the game is called Ace Up, and you get paid for a pair of aces or a better amount according to your pay sheet. Four-card poker is played with 52 card decks in the blackjack type table. Three circles are marked in front of each competitor. Ace Up, Ant, and 1 to 3 times. The play begins with the player making an independent bet on the ace-up or Antet portion of the game, or both. If you have selected both games, you must bet the same amount on each game. Although called a four-card poker, the player has to make the best four-card hand, with five cards facing down. The delegates will be given 6 cards which will be used to create the 4 best card hands. One of the delegates’ cards will be processed facing up. Unlike Caribbean studs and three-card poker, dealers do not need to qualify to continue the game. After viewing the card, you can either fold the antenna and lose it, or you can continue by adding a play bet. The minimum bet you can make should be the same as your original bet, but you can choose to bet up to three times your original bet. 스포츠토토


4 cards – 4 cards of the same grade.
Straight flush – 4 cards of the same suit are provided sequentially.
Three types of cards – three cards of the same grade.
Flush – 4 cards in the same suit.
Straight – Four cards are displayed in order.
Two pairs – two cards of the same value and two cards of the same value.
A pair of aces – A pair of aces.

If you decide to continue the game, you have to bet once or three times. Don’t call me twice. You want to pay that much money when your strategy has the benefits of directing you to make a bigger bet. Shuffle Master announced a basic strategy that combined Antet/Pay and Antet Bonus to give players 98.41%. House edge varies depending on the pay schedule, but it is usually about 3.63% of the time. The strategy is very simple to remember.If you have tens or more, you should walk three times as much as Antti. If you have a pair from number 3 to 9, try anteater. Fold if there are fewer than three pairs. Based on this strategy, you’ll find that you can fold about 47 percent of your time. You bet 1 times 24 percent of the time. You’ll bet three times in about 29 percent of the time. Players can expect to account for about 70% of the maximum number of bets.


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