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The Apogit Spiker Moon Jung-won-Middle Blocker Choi Ga-eun-Outside Heater Bukirich-Setter Park Eun-ji-Middle Blocker Bae Yuna-Outside Heater Tanacha-Libero Lim Myeong-ok.

Key setter Lee Yoon-jung injured his knee ligament during training. He will be away for at least two to four weeks. Park Eun-ji is the only setter other than Lee Yoon-jung. He is a rookie who joined Jeong Kwan-jang as the fourth-ranked player in the first round last season. In August, the Korea Expressway Corporation gave up setter Ahn Ye-rim and outside heater Kim Se-in through a trade with Jeong Kwan-jang, and recruited setter Park Eun-ji and outside heater Ko Ui-jung.

Kim Jong-min, director of the Korea Expressway Corporation, said, “When Park Eun-ji first came, I had a hard time setting up a set. “I didn’t control the ball well,” he said. “I overcame it faster than expected. He is still a young player, so it can be burdensome to start the opening game. He said, “Don’t try to do well, just do it according to your skills.” “There is no setter to replace, so I have to overcome it alone. I’m looking forward to it because my skills have improved a lot,” he added.

Both Vukirich and Tanacha were placed on the outside heater. Coach Kim said, “Tanacha will play the role of Apogit Spiker. I made a formation so that I could attack twice at Apogit,” he explained. 파친코

Tanacha joined the team after finishing the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games as a member of the Thai women’s volleyball team. I had a short time to train with the players. Coach Kim said, “We worked out together twice, and we worked very hard and were active. The attacking technique seems to be good. We have to adapt quickly to the team,” he said. It plans to establish a three-person receiving system with Lim Myeong-ok, Moon Jung-won, and Tanacha this season.

Moon Jung-won, who went to the women’s volleyball team in the off-season, is not in perfect physical condition. However, coach Kim said, “Our team needs (Moon) Jung-won. I will use him as a starter to strengthen receiving and defense rather than attack,” he said.

Middle blocker Kim Se-bin, who was selected as the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s rookie draft, is currently participating in the national sports competition. It is expected to join the Gwangju Pepper Savings Bank Jeonseo Team on the 19th.


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