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The BCI Shares Details On Why Jasprit Bumrah Is Not Doing First T20I In Thiruvananthapuram

This is not good news for the Indian team’s management as “Man in Blue” is struggling with the bowling of death, an area that Bumrah specializes in. Less than a month before the ICCT20 World Cup, the Indian think tank seems to have some sort of concern as Premier Paceman Jasprit Bumrah has had to miss another game ahead of the tournament.

Bumrah was knocked out of the Indian team seat in his first T20I match against South Africa in Thiruvananthapuram. The Indian Cricket Board notified him that he had been ruled out for complaining of back pain. 안전놀이터 추천

“Jasprit Bumrah complained of back pain during India’s practice session on Tuesday. The BCI medical team evaluated him. He was excluded from the first T20I,” a BCI statement said. The same was also tweeted.


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