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The child Ha-sung used to raise his ball during training, he became a national team member.”… Director Park Soo-soo of the ‘Star Maker’ crew

At the end, he was selected as an additional candidate for the senior national team. Given the current situation and the college entrance exam, the expression “I closed my door and entered the university.”

The 20-year-old outfielder, who joined the national team for the first time in his career after ending his campaign, went to the training wearing his team’s pants because he lacked a uniform at his first training session. No one paid attention to him. Then, he became the starting player at the Hangzhou Asian Games and gave Korea a valuable gold medal with a batting average of around .400.

In addition, he also contributed to the runner-up prize at the Asia Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) held at Tokyo Dome in Japan a month later. He is Yoon Dong-hee, 20, an outfielder of the Lotte Giants. 메이저 토토사이트

Not only female fans but also all baseball fans could not hide their pride at the great performance of a young player with a bright future. However, there is a teacher who would have smiled more than anyone else at that moment. It is Yoon Dong-hee’s teacher who has watched him for a long time, and Park Soo-soo (52), head coach of Daewon Middle School’s baseball team in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province.

Park is a “star” maker. He is also famous for nurturing Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres), who became the first Asian infielder to win the Gold Glove award in the Major League. His students include Kim Ha-sung, Lee Chang-jin, Kim Ho-ryeong, Jang Hyun-sik (Kia), Lee Kun-wook (SSG), Kim Seo-joon (Samsung), Moon Kyung-chan, Park Myung-hyun, Yoon Dong-hee (Lotte), and Byun Heon-seong (Kiaum).

Kim Ha-sung, who was coached by Park when he was in Bucheon Middle School, still visits coach Park. Since he believes in the coach Park’s guidance, who has developed himself into a professional player, he will train with coach Park when he returns home after advancing to the ML. Kim Ha-sung also visited Daewon Middle School every off-season when he was in Kiwoom, and there was a boy with a black head who was giving the ball to him. This student became a professional when he grew up, and he played in only four games in his first year of debut, but he became a member of the national team after growing up in a storm the following year. It is Lotte Yoon Dong-hee.

“Honestly, I was also surprised by (Yoon) Dong-hee’s growth,” Park said. (Kim) Ha-sung had a hard time since he was young, so I thought he would succeed if he tried, but Dong-hee was so nice and timid. But when he became a professional, he put a lot of effort on his own and changed it to a strong personality,” he said, smiling brightly at his student’s success.

Yoon Dong-hee is the son of Park’s friend. So he raised her more strictly and harshly. Park called Yoon Dong-hee and had him play the ball by his side whenever Kim Ha-sung visited Daewon Middle School, watching the training of a senior who is on a roll as a pro. “Dong-hee followed Ha-sung a lot, using him as a role model. He went to the same high school (Yatap High School),” Park said with a smile. “Ha-sung and Dong-hee really put in a lot of effort.”

Is there any special reason why he became a star-maker? Coach Park’s philosophy is simple: He has been a baseball manager for 30 years, starting with an elementary school baseball team. He wants to have the right personality and constantly work hard. He especially emphasizes “basics” during training sessions.

“During my 30 years as a coach, I always thought about how to be good at baseball while training less,” he said. In reality, he trained himself less. As a result, he suffered accidents and more injuries due to lack of training. “After all, I thought hard training is the only way to survive,” he recalled.

“You need strong training to strengthen your mental strength,” Park said. Not everyone can join a professional baseball team and succeed as a baseball player. People with strong mental strength do not get annoyed or use violence no matter how angry they are. Those who endure win, and those who have strong mental strength fight against themselves to overcome the situation, Park added. It is also a philosophy that is intertwined with Park’s emphasis on “right personality.”

Due to this philosophy, Kim Ha-sung did not catch a bat at all for a year when he was a middle school student, but only lifted the ball by Park’s side. “Ha-sung is such a naughty boy. He was distracted even on the ground, so he only taught me personality lessons for a year. Then, he became calm and changed. Only then did he give me normal training.”

Manager Park highly praised Kim’s attitude toward baseball. “Ha-sung truly loves baseball. Thanks to his heart, he underwent rigorous training,” he said. “Ha-sung is perfect except for being distracted for a moment in his middle school days. He is not someone who would hit anyone.” “He is not someone who would do that,” Park said after watching the recent violence.

Manager Park remembers that Jang Hyun-sik, 28, a key bullpen pitcher for KIA, has the opposite personality of Kim Ha-sung. He coached him at Bucheon Middle School, and he said, “He was a shortstop, but he was so calm. Shortstop should be a bit active like Ha-sung, but he wasn’t, so I recommended changing to a pitcher.”

Jang Hyun-sik, who ran away a lot without being able to endure Park’s harsh training, has become an active player at one of the most popular Korean baseball teams after his parents persuaded him constantly. “I have been to a wedding hall. Hyun-sik is constantly and diligently, so I believe he will succeed in the future.”


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