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The controversial midfielder controversy is “ing.

Controversial midfielder Paul Pogba (Juventus). The debate about him is far from over.

Pogba is now in the midst of the biggest crisis of his football career. Once considered one of the best midfielders in the world, he is now reduced to Gyereuk in the team.

Last season was really the worst. Pogba, whose value has fallen rapidly since winning the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, has been embroiled in controversy due to frequent injuries and travel. In 2022, he left Manchester United for his former team Juventus and sought a comeback, but it got worse.

The worst situation ever happened in Juventus. After returning to Juventus, Pogba rarely played due to injuries and other reasons. He made only six league appearances last season.

Juventus has reached its limit of patience, and local media have reported that Juventus will dispose of Pogba this summer. In addition, Pogba’s name was not omitted as a likely player to go to Saudi Arabia. Recently, Pogba added fuel while traveling to Saudi Arabia.

However, Pogba wants to stay at Juventus and succeeded in staying. And I’m looking for a comeback. Pogba significantly shortened his summer vacation and was named the first player to return to team training. It is an act of determination to revive.

However, even this will was not sustained by the body. In the preseason, he collapsed due to injury again. Frequent injuries have raised doubts.

Pogba finally played his first game of the season. He was substituted in the second half of the match against Bologna in the second round of Serie A in Italy, and also took the ground as a substitute in the third round against Empoli.

He has already played two games this season. Did Pogba announce the resurrection. No, he has not started yet, and his physical condition is 토토사이트 not complete. We don’t know when we’ll fall again. What is certain is that trust in Pogba has been completely destroyed.

Juventus is not giving this Pogba 100% trust. Therefore, the company is currently negotiating a reduction in annual salary. Pogba’s current annual salary is known to be around 10 million euros (14.3 billion won). Juventus says it will not be able to pay all of these salaries. Pogba is also said to have agreed to cut back pay.

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