Friday, 1st December 2023

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The Controversial of Coney Island Casino Project

Thor Equities, the development company behind the project, highlighted the benefits these projects will bring to the community. The company estimates that casino resorts, along with other economic benefits, will bring about 4,000 jobs to the region. However, many locals protested against the project, fearing the social costs inherent in famous gambling houses. This ongoing controversy could affect the planned casino’s chances of obtaining one of its limited New York licenses. 온라인경마

Thor Equities, known for its real estate ventures and urban development projects, is part of the consortium behind the planned Coney Island casino resort. The company invested considerable effort in marketing to persuade local residents of the benefits these facilities would bring to the region.

According to the developer, casinos will provide 4,000 well-paid year-round jobs, providing residents with stable income and potential career growth. Former City Council member Robert Cornegi noted that the venue will focus most of its recruitment and vocational training efforts on the community, promising wages of up to $30 an hour and enticing benefits.

Cornegy highlighted the growing popularity of the casino industry, highlighting the appeal for people of color who seek to achieve middle-class living standards. The planned location will also have a positive impact on the surrounding business, attracting visitors and reinvesting in the community through infrastructure improvements, public services and social programs.

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