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The Euro-winning goal ‘topped’ England star, “Happy news” on Christmas Engagement while watching Aurora Congratulations poured in from colleagues

A star player in the history of English football was born. In the women’s Euro 2022 final match against Germany held at Wembley Stadium in England on the day, the star player scored the extra-time winning goal. It was Chloe Kelly, a striker for the English national team.

Kelly, in particular, made headlines when she took off her top and ran across Wembley Stadium in a sports bra to the bench after the extra goal. The goal was England’s 1966 World Cup trophy, which saw her become Cinderella. She has become one of the richest women’s soccer players in England, with £2 million in sponsorship from Land Rover.

Kelly received a very meaningful gift this time. She became engaged soon. British media reported on Sunday that England hero Chloe Kelly showed off her shiny diamond ring while getting engaged under the aurora ahead of Christmas.

Kelly, who plays for the England women’s national team and Manchester City’s women’s soccer team, had a great time, holding an engagement ceremony and posing with Scott Moore against the backdrop of beautiful Iceland. Kelly announced her engagement to Moore on social media. 스포츠토토

“It’s the easiest example of my decision. I’ll be with you forever,” Kelly wrote in a post on social media. It means that the two of them love each other so much that they say getting engaged to Moore was their easiest decision.

The news of Kelly’s engagement poured in celebration from her teammates who also helped her win the Euro 2022. “She’s a saint. Congratulations, everyone,” wrote captain Lia Williamson at the time of her victory. Beth Mead also sent out a heart image after writing, “Congratulations, both of you.”

Lauren Hemp wrote, “Wow, congratulations. These are so wonderful pictures.” Lucy Bronze wrote, “This is the engagement I imagined it would be. Congratulations, really,” and Ian Wright, an English soccer hero who recently quit commenting, also sent four hearts to congratulate the former and current soccer stars.

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