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The Manchester United legend surprised

The legendary defender of Manchester United praised Tottenham this season, comparing it to Real Madrid. On the other hand, he expressed his regret, saying, “I don’t know what kind of soccer I play no matter how much I spend.”

The legend in question is Gary Neville, who has been a right-back for Manchester United for a long time, coached in Valencia, Spain, and is now a broadcast commentator. He, who played Manchester United’s best years, including the European treble (triple crown) in 1999, was now impressed by Tottenham as he lamented the decline of Manchester United.

According to the “Last Word on Spurs,” which delivers Tottenham news on the 6th, Neville did not hide his regret through Sky Sports, which broadcasts the Premier League in England, saying, “We spent about £300 to £400 million to buy a player who fits Eric Turnhach for 18 months,” adding, “But I still can’t confirm his football style.”

He then emphasized that Postecoglou was the coach who stood against Turnhach.
In particular, he compared Tottenham to Real Madrid. “However, Postecoglou made Tottenham play like Real in three to four months after joining Tottenham,” Neville said.

Tottenham suffered a lot when it appointed Postecoglou last summer. As he is from Australia on the outskirts of soccer, some questioned whether he would be able to show leadership at Tottenham, where the national team players from world-class soccer powerhouses are the main players. 사설 토토사이트

In the first 10 games, however, Postecoglou made a deep impression with fun and speedy football focused on attack, and posted eight wins and two draws. Since then, the upward trend has been flattened with one draw and three losses, but Neville showed that Tottenham is on a roll just by changing its soccer style.

On the other hand, Manchester United has spent between 600 billion won and 700 billion won over the past year and six months due to player transfer fees and labor costs, but few players perform at a reasonable price, showing a mess. It has become almost difficult to advance to the round of 16 as the Premier League ranking is only seventh this season and remains at the bottom of the UEFA Champions League group stage.

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