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The New optimism unfolds in Las Vegas with City Center

Late Wednesday night, Jeff Kobelik’s wide-eyed, bright smile told you everything you need to know about the feelings you have about Las Vegas’ stellar new city center project. The 46-year-old Nebraska native was among thousands of people who streamed downtown through the doors of the Aria Resort & Casino just before midnight, seconds after the center of Las Vegas Strip’s new development officially opened for business.

“It’s great. I wouldn’t have missed this slot machine for the whole world,” Corbelik said as he vigorously walked toward the new slot machine on the floor of the 150,000-square-foot casino. “I’ve heard a lot about this place over the years. We wanted to be here for an opening. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m glad I made this trip.”

In short, this was the feeling that everyone attending last week’s grand opening ceremony seemed to have for a lavish project worth $8.5 billion. From the staff to New York City taxi drivers to MGM Mirage’s CEO Jim Mullen, everyone had praiseworthy words for the city’s potential and what it could mean for Las Vegas, a city that has been hit pretty hard by the recession. 메이저 토토사이트

“We believe Las Vegas is a better place today,” Muren said earlier that day at a sun-drenched press conference in front of a 270-foot-long water wall and dancing fountain outside the main entrance to the Aria. “We want people from all over the world and right here in Las Vegas to be impressed, moved, awed and inspired.”

“I bought a condo right at Vdara when they got the offer a few years ago and now I can’t believe I’ve finally found the opportunity to actually see it and use it,” said a gentleman from New York who declined to be named. “It was a gamble. But, hey, this is Las Vegas. Whatever happened to the market, I’m excited to be here and be a part of it all.”

“I’ve been visiting a lot of different casino entrances and exits since I moved here in 1962, and unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of casino closures as well,” said Ron Singer, a 52-year-old Vegas resident from Chicago. “I go to every entrance and get a $5 chip and mount it all on the walls of my house. So I had to be here tonight. It’s a historic event for Chicago.”

Within 20 minutes, the entire casino was full. Slot machines were buzzing and blackjack dealers were making deals. I started betting at the sportsbook counter, and the elaborate poker room saw the tables fill up quickly. “I just wanted to come and see what it’s all about. So far, I’ve been really impressed,” said Josebok, a famous poker pro, as he walked through the poker room. “I think this place will live up to the hype, for sure.”

Apart from the casinos and restaurants that are open for business in Aria, so are hotel rooms. Both the rooms at Aria and Mandarin Oriental are the most technologically advanced in the country. Each guest’s stay is tailored to their personal preferences, and those preferences are saved for the next time they visit. When guests access their rooms, it recognizes whether they are new to the room and greets them as they enter. When light fills the room, curtains automatically open and a 42-inch LCD HDTV is turned on, allowing you to personalize an automated list of controls.

Guests can choose a “scene” that suits their mood or taste, and this modifies all the settings at once. For example, each room has a “good night” button next to its bed. With one touch, guests can turn off lights, TV, and/or music, close curtains, and turn on privacy notifications about their rooms.

The luxury option room is just one of the reasons to help with the standout slogan surrounding the city center: “Welcome to the New World.” “Five years ago, I went to the MGM Mirage Board with the idea of a gathering place, a place that Las Vegas can enjoy, interact with, and trust,” Merren said. “Every city needs a place like that and we’ve never had one like that in Las Vegas before. And the place is called the City Center. “There’s only one thing I’m going to say, and now it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for five years. Welcome to the city center. Enjoy!”

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