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The NFL, the sport that Americans love the most, is entering the second half of this season, and rankings are heating up

The Baltimore Ravens, who are leading the northern district of the AFC (American Conference), are aiming for the Super Bowl title this season with its strong defense, which boasts the least number of lost points (187 points) among the 32 teams in the league. Kyle Hamilton (22), a second-year safety in his professional career, is at the center of it.

Hamilton, a graduate of Notterdam University, a prestigious football team, wore a Ravens uniform as the 14th overall pick in the first round in the 2022 draft. He has become a major player in the Ravens defense this season, including two interceptions that intercepts the opponent’s quarterback pass and three tackles the quarterback. “Hamilton is a player who does everything by rushing to the quarterback, blocking the pass, or making tackles,” Ravens coach Chris Hewitt said. “At a press conference ahead of the season, I told him that Hamilton would grow into an All-Star, but his predictions are coming true.”

Hamilton played two games with the American flag on his helmet in October. With the “Heritage Program” conducted by the NFL since last year, players can run with the flag of the country where their parents or grandparents lived or the country where they have lived for more than two years. 안전놀이터

Hamilton’s mother was Jackie Hamilton (Korean name: Park Gye-ok), who was born in Daegu. She met and married her father Derek Hamilton, who played basketball when his mother was studying in Greece. Hamilton said, “She was talented in various sports since she was young, and my mother advised me to focus on one sport, and I chose football.”

Hamilton, who went to high school in Georgia, looked up to Hines Ward, a 47-year-old college graduate who was named Super Bowl MVP. Following Ward’s example of his active social activities, Hamilton made and sold T-shirts and hats emblazoned with his name “KH” and the logo made using the Korean national flag to mark “Asian Pacific American Cultural Heritage Month” last year, and donated the proceeds to an anti-Asian hate campaign in the U.S.


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