Monday, 22nd April 2024

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The Returned of British Casino

The Betting and Gaming Committee (BGC) criticized the government’s decision to delay the resumption of casinos because they could have many negative economic consequences. Even now, the industry faces many hurdles after casinos reopen to players and is asking the government to extend its job retention plan. It’s worth mentioning that the pandemic caused the gambling establishment to shut down its operations on March 20. This means that the industry needs to put a lot of effort into recovering.

Casinos have taken special measures to ensure employees and visitors are protected from COVID-19 while in their territory. Includes restrictions on the number of visitors, face masks, disinfectants, gambling tables, and slot machines’ screen and contactless payment implementations. 바카라사이트

August 15 became an important day for British casinos because they received a green light to reopen. This issue has been raised more than once because profits are significantly reduced in many gambling facilities and 12,000 employees could lose their jobs.

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