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The scene where Ichiro, who was contemplating retirement, was moved

It was November five years ago (2018). It was when Ichiro (45 years old at the time) had a lot of thoughts. It is a time when I was agonizing over the crossroads between active duty and retirement. Still, the training doesn’t stop. It is time to sweat for a long time near the relevant place (Kobe, Orix). The ground right next to it is full of shouts. Regional qualifiers for the Koshien (high school baseball) tournament were taking place.

At first glance, you can see an electronic display. The score is terrible. It’s 12-0. ‘Oh, is it a cold game?’ I didn’t guess wrong. It’s hard to get past the fifth inning. One or two out now is the end.

It was then. His eyes and ears face one place. It’s the cheering squad for the losing team on the outfield stand. This is the image of hundreds of students, bands and cheerleaders. It looks the same as the first episode. There is not an inch of disruption. I don’t care about defeat. I clap with all my passion, and shout out my voice. I was with the players until the last out count.

It was the school. He is a student at Chiben Academy (Wakayama) with a unique tradition and educational philosophy. 안전놀이터

A legend about to retire came to a great realization. Form your own baseball team. We brought together the people around us. They are trainers, interpreters, and acquaintances. The team was named “Kobe Chiben.” However, I dared to think that the Chinese character notation of “Chiben” was disrespectful. He decided to sing the song in English (CHIBEN) only if possible.

A year later, he challenged Wakayama Chiben Academy. It’s the school that impressed me a lot. There was a battle with a team of faculty there. It was the first official match of Ichiro’s team, “Kobe Chiben.” The result is obvious. It ended with a landslide 14-0 victory. Again, starting pitcher Ichiro threw a complete game. He caught 16K by the ninth inning.

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