Monday, 22nd April 2024

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The Travis Scott Performs in Las Vegas

Inspired by Travis Scott’s record-breaking number-one album Utopia, the “Utopia – Circus Maximus Tour” will move fans to an unrivalled audio-visual experience. The tour will stop at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Garden Arena.

On all tickets sold, $2 will go to the Cactus Jack Foundation, which is 501(c)3. The Cactus Jack Foundation is a 501(c)3, tasked with supporting toy drives, HBCU college students for scholarship programs, education, and creative activities. 파친코

The announcement followed a touching live performance by Travis Scott, whose 60,000 tickets sold out in just two days at the iconic circus Maximus in Rome, Italy.

Utopia was considered the biggest hip-hop release of 2023 with more than 1.5 billion streams worldwide, solidifying its No. 1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 for the fourth consecutive week. Spotify also ranked Utopia as the most streamed album in the first week of 2023, while Apple Music confirmed the album’s biggest first-day streaming count in 2023.

Utopia finds Scott, whose abilities as a performer, composer, producer and collaborator are at their peak, proving once again that no one sounds like Travis. It continues to enshrine him as the most important sonic innovator of culture and is heralded as an “album of the decade.”

UTOMITA is now available at and is available with five unique album covers as part of a set of vinyl, CD and merchandise boxes.

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