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The two teams exchanged one point each from the first inning, signaling a fierce batting battle.

In the top of the first inning, NC took advantage of the wild pitch to reach second base after leadoff hitter Son Ah-seop got on base with a heavy hit. NC, which then had a chance at first and third bases with Park Min-woo’s hit to the right, then Park Gun-woo grounded out to third base, but Martin brought third baseman Son Ah-seop home with a sacrifice fly RBI to center field.(0-1) Park Hangyul struck out on three pitches.

Doosan responded immediately in the bottom of the first inning. With one out and no runners, Rojas hit NC starter Lee Jae-hak’s low fastball (143km) and hit a tiebreaking solo shot over the right fence. Rojas’ 18th home run of the season. The flying distance was 123.9 meters, the batting speed was 169 kilometers, and the launch angle was 23.8 degrees. The game is 1-1 with the origin.

NC’s leadoff hitter Oh Young-soo got on base with a heavy hit in the top of the second inning, but Kim Joo-won bowed out with a double play in front of the shortstop. Park Se-hyuk is grounded out to second base. End of the inning. Doosan succeeded in turning the tables in the bottom of the second inning. After one out, following Kang Seung-ho’s heavy hit, Kim Jae-ho hit a timely double that fell inside the left-field line. (2-1)

Eventually, Doosan scored four points in the third inning to grab the victory. In the top of the third inning, NC’s leadoff hitter Park Joo-chan recorded a hit that fell inside the right-wing line. It was Park’s first hit since his debut. After graduating from Dongmak Elementary School, Gyeongpo Middle School, Gangneung High School, and Donga University, Park Joo-chan joined as a nurturing player in 2019 and signed a formal contract with NC this year. And he scored a hit in his second game after taking his first professional stage against Hanwha in Changwon on the 10th. Son Ah-seop stole second base with one out and one base, but Park Min-woo only grounded in front of the pitcher. That was Jang Won-jun’s mission. Ahead of Park Kun-woo’s at-bat, Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop put Lee Young-ha on the mound. Lee Young-ha eliminated the inning by thinning Park Kun-woo with a fly ball to center field in the first pitch. 바카라

And then the end of the third inning. Doosan went to second base when Rojas hit a surprise bunt hit after leadoff hitter Jung Soo-bin got on base with a left-handed hit. Yang Seok-hwan then hit a timely hit to the left to make it 3-1. The next player is Yang Eui-ji. He hit his fourth changeup (125 kilometers) at the ball count 1-2, drawing a three-run arch over the left-center fence. Yang Eui-ji’s 17th home run of the season. The score was 6-1. The flying distance was 122.9 meters, and the batting speed was 170.8 kilometers. The launch angle was 24 degrees. In the end, NC starter Lee Jae-hak’s duties ended up here. Lee Joon-ho took the mound as the second pitcher and allowed Kang Seung-ho to hit the ball after one out. However, he finished the long third inning by thinning Kim Jae-ho with a double play in front of the pitcher in the first pitch.

Doosan put in Kim Tae-geun instead of removing Kim Jae-hwan ahead of the defense in the top of the fourth inning. In response, a Doosan official explained, “I replaced him with Kim Tae-geun because I had pain in my right hand when batting.” Lee Young-ha struck out Martin, Park Han-kyul, and Oh Young-soo in the top of the fourth inning, continuing his good pitching. Doosan added three more runs in the bottom of the fourth inning to seal the game. Leadoff hitter Huh Kyung-min hit a two-run shot to the left. (7-1) He hit the 144km fastball in the fifth pitch with the ball count 2-2. Huh Kyung-min’s seventh home run of the season. It has a driving distance of 105 meters. The ball flew 149.7 kilometers and had a launch angle of 35.6 degrees. Doosan continued to run to 8-1 with Rojas hitting a timely triple that fell inside the right-wing line following Jung Soo-bin’s walk and steal after one out. Yang Seok-hwan also hit a sacrifice hit to center field, making the score 9-1.

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