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“Time! Time over! One ball! One ball!”

When the pitcher failed to throw the ball within the time limit under the assumption, the center shouted “time over” first, then warned the pitcher with “one ball,” turned around and shouted “one ball” again toward the KBO archives. On the contrary, when the batter failed to stand at the batter’s box within eight seconds, he warned the batter, “One strike!”

He also showed signs of confusion. When a pitcher checks a runner, according to ML standards, a balk is declared if a runner fails to be out during the third check. The judges discussed this rule with their heads around them as if they had not yet mastered it. The judges also discussed whether it would be a violation of the rule to encourage a batter who does not enter the batter’s box at a time when the time limit is imminent and whether it would be included in the time limit when replacing the ball.

Judge Moon Seung-hoon, a 21-year veteran, predicted a new point to watch next season, saying, “A fast-footed runner will have a longer lead in the third check.” Judge Choi Soo-won, another veteran of the 20th year, said, “Based on ML standards, Korean pitchers and hitters will not be able to adapt. Personally, I think we should give more time than ML.”

Heo Un, chairman of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), said, “We plan to finalize the details of the new regulations such as pitch clock early and deliver them to the field coaches and players,” adding, “We will increase the skills of referees through repeated training before the start of next season.” 사설 토토사이트

Through the first winter training, the judges are focusing on communication with the meter and application by situation. The KBO plans to gather opinions from the judges and prepare detailed rules unique to the KBO regarding pitch clock.

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