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‘Tottenham Engine Lost Again!’ Bentancur Reemerges After Returning After 8 Months…’2 Months OUT’

Tottenham announced on its official channel on the 1st that Rodrigo Bentancur will be out of power for two months due to injury.

Rodrigo Bentancur, Tottenham’s midfield engine, collapsed again.

Bentancur had five goals and two assists in the Premier League alone last season. Even though he was not a scoring position, he displayed tremendous presence.

In particular, he played the role of the midfield commander steadily, boasting a pass success rate of 85.2 in PL and 87.3% in the Champions League.

Bentancur played the role silently before collapsing in the 23rd round of the PL against Leicester City last season. 토토사이트

Bentancur crashed into Nampalis Mendy in the 14th minute of the second half and collapsed on the field, complaining of pain. He then left the field clutching his knee.

Since then, the results of the precision diagnosis have come out, but he was diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate ligament in his left knee and was unable to play in the rest of the season.

Bentancur focused on rehabilitation and was already coordinating his return, but announced his return through a replacement in the 10th round of the PL against Crystal Palace this season.

Bentancur played on the ground for about 13 minutes, including extra time, and enjoyed the victory with his teammates. In particular, captain Son Heung-min ran and hugged him. Fans also welcomed his return with a standing ovation.

Captain Son Heung-min also welcomed the return of Tottenham’s midfield commander, saying on SNS, “We welcome the return of Bentancur.”

However, it goes back out of power.

Bentancur started for the first time in 289 days against Aston Villa after returning from injury.

However, he collapsed with injuries. He complained of pain after falling over a tackle on Aston Villa Matty Cash in the 27th minute of the first half. He returned to the ground after being treated, but was replaced after determining that he could no longer play.

Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou sighed and said, “I think Bentancur hurt his ankle. The opponent’s tackle was not clean. We don’t know how much the injury is yet.”

Tottenham teammate Dejan Kulusevski said, “Bentancourt was really angry. There should have been more than a warning. He was out for eight months and was injured again in two games after returning.”

British media “Evening Standard” reported on the 28th, “Rodrigo Bentancur was tested on his ankle. He will be diagnosed and evaluated soon.”

Bentancur’s examination results came out. It’s a more serious situation than I thought.

British media Football London reported on Monday that Bentancur tore his ankle ligament. He will not be able to play for about two and a half months.

“Sky Sports” said, “Bentancourt will not return until February next year,” noting that he will be out of power for the time being.

In the end, Tottenham’s official announcement was made and he will be unavailable for the rest of 2023 and will return in February.

Tottenham is an injury ward. Most of the main resources are out of power, causing difficulties in forming the squad.

Tottenham’s biggest departure is from playmaker James Maddison and shield Mickey Van der Ben. He is expected to return next year as he collapsed from injury.

Tottenham is currently an injury ward enough to set up the best 11 only with injuries.

Tottenham is in a situation where Hishalisson, Madison, Van der Ben, Ryan Sessegnon, Maner Solomon, Papesar, Ivan Perisic, and Christian Romero cannot play for the time being.

With Bentancur’s injury, Tottenham will also change their transfer window plans.

Tottenham planned to clean up the midfield through the upcoming winter transfer market. Together with Oliver Skipp, they planned to focus on disposing of Pierre-Emile Hoivier.

However, the plan was withdrawn due to Bentancur’s injury.

According to the British media ‘Telegraph’, Tottenham will reject offers for Hoivier and Skip.

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