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Tottenham, welcome! LW, who had been lying down for 10 months, finally started training

“Ryan Sessegnon will return to team training within a week or two,” Alasdair Gold, a reporter for the London-based club’s media outlet Football London, said on the “Gold and Guest Talk Tottenham” podcast released on the 17th (Korea time).

Sessegnon is a versatile side resource who can play both as a wing and as a defender on the left side of Tottenham. Sessegnon, who joined Tottenham in 2019, was expected to be a player who could threaten even the big league’s defenders by using his fast focus as a weapon when he joined the club. However, after coming to Tottenham, he was excluded from the option of Jose Mourinho at the time as he showed a series of below-expectations performances.

However, considering that he did not have much experience because he was a young prospect, he left for Germany’s TSG Hoffenheim before the opening of the league in the 2020/21 season and performed well as an aggressive left wingback.

In the Bundesliga alone, he played 29 games, showing steady growth, scoring two goals and three assists, and building a solid record. Sessegnon, who returned after a season, emerged as a new player in charge of Tottenham’s side with his defense and sharp attack skills in the second half of the 2021/22 season. 바카라사이트

However, his hamstring injury has hindered him again. He suffered a hamstring injury during a training session in the second half of the 2022/23. He has been out of the team for about 10 months so far. Due to his inability to participate in training sessions, Sessegnon has become a forgotten figure by many people.

In addition, Destiny Udogi, who returned to Tottenham after joining Udinese on loan last summer, is loved by Tottenham manager Anji Postecoglou, making it difficult to expect him to play at left-back, his main position. Udogi has been selected by Postecoglou this season and is displaying stable defense and ability to join attacks in 15 league games. He even scored his debut goal in the Premier League.

However, Sessegnon’s greatest strength is that he can play the entire left side of the fence. Sessegnon also played on the left wing and defender in Hoffenheim, demonstrating his versatility. In addition, he has an overwhelming speed over other defenders and has the advantage of being able to use the sides much more freely during the build-up process. For this reason, some argue that Sessegnon should be used as a wing rather than a fullback.

Mourinho also predicted in 2019 that “Ségnon is still not ready to play as a left wing-back, so he is focusing on using him as a winger,” adding, “If he grows up, he will be a player similar to Ashley Cole (England national team legend).”

Soccer media “TBR Football” also announced that Sessegnon’s return is approaching. The media said, “Sessegnon is not in the level of physical condition that can be put into the game right away, but it is very positive news that he can train with his teammates.”

It is also positive for Sessegnon that he can replace Udogi in case of emergencies, even if he fails to push out Udogi. TBR Football predicted that Udogi can use Sessegnon when he is unable to play due to injury or disciplinary action. Udogi has received five yellow cards and one red card so far. He has as many cards as that. This means that he can play as a left winger for Sessegnon and come down to fullback if needed.

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