Sunday, 26th May 2024

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Tottenham’s Hishalisson is delighted after scoring a dramatic equaliser at the end of extra time at home to Sheffield United on September 16.

Tottenham captain Son Heung-min sits on the bench after Hishalisson’s dramatic equalizer against Sheffield United on the 16th and is delighted to come out on the ground.

However, Hisharlisson’s first season performance was disappointing. He played 27 league games but scored only one goal. The league’s debut goal was scored in round 34, a time when it was pushed out of the ranking competition. In the UEFA Champions League (UCL), he scored multiple goals on his debut, but he has remained silent ever since. In the first year of the transfer, his official record in 35 games was three goals and four assists. Most of them are said to have played as substitute, but it was a record that was hard to be seen as a striker. 온라인카지노

In the 2023-24 season, Kane, the existing striker, left the team, and Hisharlisson was expected to take the position. However, even though the team won, it was somewhat sluggish, and the score was still not scored. In the match against Sheffield United in September, he alone scored one goal and one assist to lead his team’s dramatic come-from-behind victory, but later gave way to Son Heung-min and took over as a left winger. In recent years, he has been out of the lineup due to injuries such as groin and pelvis. A clear return date has not yet been released, but it is reported that it is unclear whether he will return this year.

After all, Hisharlisson, who joined Tottenham, scored five goals and seven assists in 46 matches in official matches. It is clear that the performance is disappointing compared to the transfer fee that he invested in. However, as the media reported, the sale of Hisharlisson is difficult. First of all, Hisharlisson signed a contract with Tottenham until the summer of 2027 last season. As there are still four years left on the contract, a huge transfer fee will be incurred. The weekly wage is also not easy. According to soccer statistics media fbref, Hisharlisson’s weekly salary amounts to 100,000 euros (about 140 million won). It is difficult for most clubs to afford the weekly wage. This is the background of the “big hand” Saudi transfer rumor.

The situation is no different in the summer of 2024, which the media mentioned. If the sale becomes difficult, Hisharlisson can be arranged through a loan transfer, as in the case of Ndombele (Galatasaray) recently.

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