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“Trying to chase Holland… I cried every day when I was in Salzburg.” Hwang Hee-chan armed with his initial intentions

Britain’s Birmingham Mail said on the 29th (Korea time) that Hwang Hee-chan is trying to catch up with Holland. He has scored seven goals in the league as a penalty kick (PK) during the match against Fulham in the 13th round. He is one goal behind his South Korean national team teammate Son Heung-min (eight goals), and half of Holland (14 goals),” highlighting Hwang Hee-chan who had an interview with BBC Football Focus.

Hwang Hee-chan said, “I try to chase Holland as much as possible. It was my dream to become a Premier League (PL) player. We (Korea) had a lot of great players who played in the PL. I still can’t believe I’m playing in the PL, and I’m doing my best every day.”

“Every goal comes from teamwork. We work hard, train hard, and the coach (Gary O’Neill) is just amazing. We understand each other, and we know how to deal with the opponent when he tries to pressure,” he said, expressing his trust in O’Neill. 토토사이트

Hwang Hee-chan also mentioned his time with Holland in the past in Salzburg. “Actually, when I was young, I received many awards, top scorer, and MOM. But when I arrived in Salzburg, there were great players and talents, and there was a completely different culture and language. I cried every day and I just wanted to go back to Korea. But I studied German and I improved a lot, so I scored a lot half a year later,” Hwang Hee-chan said, recalling the hard times.

Hwang Hee-chan, who entered his third season after entering Wolverhampton, is peaking. He has scored seven goals in 13 league games, showing his sharp performance. Julen Lopetegui, who appointed him, proved himself in the change of leaving and O’Neill taking over.

Rumors of a renewal of his contract have been circulating amid the season. “Wolverhampton is discussing renewing his contract with Hwang Hee-chan,” said England’s The Athlete. “He is trying to offer an improved contract in return for his recent performance, and Hwang Hee-chan reportedly likes to play under O’Neill. Negotiations are progressing positively, and if the conditions are correct, he is expected to sign it.”

When asked about Hwang Hee-chan, O’Neill said, “Of course, I am hopeful. Nothing has been substantially updated. The club has definitely been talking to “Channy” (a nickname of Hwang Hee-chan) and I hope things go well. Hwang Hee-chan has been amazing since I took office. He performed everything that he wanted and scored well. Hwang Hee-chan always has a smile on his face and is determined and determined. He is an important player for the club. I hope I can secure him longer than the current contract.” Hwang has established himself as an indispensable player at Wolverhampton.

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