Friday, 1st December 2023

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‘Turns out to be a volleyball player’ SSG Park Jong-hoon…”From the underhand volleyball to the fifth set.”

SSG Landers Park Jong-hoon visited the stadium of Korean Air and KEPCO in the “Dodram 2022-2023 V-League” held at Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium on the afternoon of the 15th. 토토

Park Jong-hoon attended a joint donation delivery ceremony held before Landers Day. Through a business agreement, SSG’s parent company, E-Mart, and Korean Air, the parent company of Korean Air’s Jumbos, set aside 20,000 won for each SSG pitcher’s strikeout and 100,000 won for each Korean Air sub ace to support basic living and education expenses for underprivileged children in Incheon.

In July, the two clubs delivered KRW 15.14 million, which was first accumulated at SSG Landers Field, to the Incheon Community Chest of Korea, and delivered the second KRW 9.02 million on the same day.

Park Jong-hoon, who attended as a representative of the SSG Landers, accurately threw the first pitch with his underhand pitching form to the opponent’s court. Park Jong-heun said, “I really like volleyball because I started exercising with volleyball, and I have a good time because Korean Air’s Jumbo, which has the same connection, invited me.”

Park Jong-hoon, who likes volleyball, watched the match between Korean Air and KEPCO until the end of the fifth set. After the game, Korean Air players who won the come-from-behind victory were applauded, and when the in-house announcer introduced Park Jong-hoon once again, Park Jong-hoon bowed his head to the players and spectators.

Park Jong-hoon was also known as a good fan service and good personality among SSG Landers players. He also said, “I promised to donate 10% of my annual salary to society with my wife for the underprivileged.” It also decided to set aside 100,000 won per inning from 2019 and donate it to children suffering from rare diseases.

Meanwhile, Park Jong-hoon recorded 3 wins and 5 losses with 52 hits and 6 home runs in 48 innings in 11 games in 2022. He also contributed to the SSG Landers’ wire-to-wire victory with 2.1 scoreless innings in the Korean Series.

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