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“Victory Fairy” Sanchez succeeded in controlling the ball and mind

Ricardo Sanchez (26, Hanwha Eagles) has returned as a “winning fairy.” Sanchez pitched six scoreless innings against the LG Twins in Jamsil, Seoul, on the 2nd, leading the team to break its eighth consecutive loss.

It was the first time in 10 games that he played without losing a point since the NC Dinos match on June 23. Until then, Sanchez had four wins in eight games and an unbeaten ERA of 1.48. Hanwha ran seven wins and one draw in the game he took the mound. However, both July (6.00 ERA) and August ( 5.14 ERA) had severe ups and downs. Some said that his pitching habit was read. Three games allowed double-digit hits alone.

The match against LG on the 2nd was different. The ball from the left-handed third quarter overwhelmed LG left-handed batters such as Park Hae-min and Kim Hyun-soo, except for Hong Chang-ki (two hits). Shin Min-jae hit a double next to the left fielder in the third inning, but it was only a lucky hit made with a fast foot. 토토

Sanchez said after the game, “Today, each pitch was controlled well where they wanted more.” Catcher Park Sang-eon’s lead was also really good. He knew what kind of ball I wanted to throw and led me with confidence. “If such a catcher keeps the home plate, it’s a great help to the pitcher,” he said.

Sanchez said, “I prepared to take the mound mentally and physically to throw well. “I played with the mindset of ‘Let’s control what I can do for sure,'” he said. “I wanted to face off strongly on the mound (against the No. 1 team LG).” “All the team members also focused on me from behind,” he said.

In the match against LG, where Hanwha escaped eight consecutive games, Sanchez failed to secure an individual victory. In the eighth inning, bullpen Jang Si-hwan allowed Park Hae-min to score a tie-breaking three-run, but Lee Jin-young’s timely hit in the ninth inning won. Sanchez said, “The team’s victory is the most important, and the winning pitcher can’t do it alone.”

Instead, the goal is not lost until the end. Sanchez said he wanted to win 10 games. With only six wins (5 losses), this is a record that can be achieved only when he wins the rest of the schedule. Sanchez said, “I’m a competitive player. He takes the mound with the intention of winning every game. With that thought, I will challenge myself to win 10 games for the rest of the season,” he said.


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