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We can’t ignore SON this time, right? Son Heung-min’s best 11 titles in the first half of the official EPL…Legendary Shearer finally fell in love with me. “I get a goal every time I go to the gate.” Compliment

The EPL Secretariat announced the best 11 players in the first half of the 2023-2024 season on its official channel on Tuesday (Korea time). Alan Shearer, who has recorded the most goals (260) in the EPL, praised Son Heung-min among the four strikers.

In the past, Shearer was known to have been particularly harsh on Son. This time, he had to admit it. “He has a special talent. If I get the ball in front of the goal, I’m sure I’ll get a point,” Shearer said of Son’s selection as the best 11. Son has played in all of Tottenham’s 20 matches this season, scoring 12 goals and five assists. He is the third-highest scorer after Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) and Erling Holan (Manchester City, with 14 goals). In terms of field goals, he is tied for first in scoring along with Dominic Solanke (AFC Bournemouth, with 12 goals).

Tottenham players occupied the most seats. In addition to Son, defender Destiny Udogi (22) and goalkeeper Gugliimo Vicario (27) were also on the list. On Vicario, Shearer said, “Under coach Ange Postecoglou (58), Vicario showed bravery. He played from the back under pressure and faced a lot of shots. Vicario was outstanding in both areas.”

Regarding Udogi, he said, “He is a young player full of excitement. His running skills were valuable in Tottenham’s attack. His ability to move forward was also effective.”

Son, in particular, dominated December. He was also nominated for the Player of the Month award. He stood out in the first match against Manchester City on Friday by scoring a goal. After a bold penetration early in the first half, Son gave Tottenham the first goal with a right footed shot. All of Son’s unique strengths were revealed. Ederson stretched out his hand, but it was not enough to block Son’s fast shot.

In the match against Manchester City, Son had the misfortune to score an own goal three minutes after the goal. In the second half, he made a assist to shake off his own mistake. Tottenham was dragged 1-2 by Manchester City, but with a mid-range goal by Giovanni Lo Celso (28) following Son’s assist, the score was balanced 2-2. At the end of the second half, Dejan Klusevski (24) also scored a dramatic equalizer. Tottenham, which had recorded three consecutive losses in November, revived itself after winning the match against Manchester City. 스포츠토토

Son’s goal led to Tottenham’s victory. Since the match with Manchester City, Tottenham has won every time Son scored a goal. In a match with Newcastle United on Sunday, Son was selected as MOM, as he garnered two assists including one in the second half. He accumulated two assists in the first half alone. Son scored the debut goal of Tottenham’s Shin Seong-woo by recklessly breaking through. Since then, he was in charge of even scoring a goal for striker Hisharlisson (27). He completely crushed Kieran Trippier (30), who once played for Tottenham. Son beat Trippier with his signature trickery and mischievous legs, and scored his teammate’s goal with a superb cross. Both goals were similar. In fact, Son was involved in more than half of the goals.

In the second half, he even scored a goal himself. As a penalty kicker, Son scored with a powerful right foot. Spurs beat Newcastle 4-1 thanks to Son’s outstanding performance in three goals.

Tottenham changed drastically starting with the victory on the day. Tottenham, which had been on a losing streak, changed its course to consecutive wins. In the match against Nottingham Forest, Son Heung-min played as the left striker. After scoring a goal in the match against Newcastle, Hissarlisong played as the central striker. With brisk activities from the side, Son focused on creating opportunities for his teammates. Nottingham’s intensive checks continued. When Son dribbled, three or four Nottingham defenders were surrounded. Thanks to this, Hissarlisong created a space and scored the first goal by finishing Klusevski’s cross with a header.

In the second goal, Son Heung-min’s forward pressure shone. He checked the opponent’s goalkeeper, and the rushed kick fell short and headed to Klosevsky. Klosevsky received it and hit it and pierced the top of the goal with a right-footed shot. Tottenham won a clean sheet for the first time in a long time. It was two consecutive wins.

Even in the match against Everton, Son scored the winning goal to give Tottenham the victory. In the 18th minute of the first half when his team was leading 1-0, Son scored with a superb right footed shot to the left. There were a number of players standing at the goal post in the corner, but Son scored with a shot that properly targeted the empty corner. Tottenham won 2-1 even after conceding a run at the end of the second half. They secured their third consecutive win, reviving their pursuit of the lead.

They lost their momentum once. Tottenham lost 2-4 against Brighton & Hove Albion in an away game. Meanwhile, Son scored an attacking point. In the second half, he gave an exquisite through pass to Tottenham prospect Alejo Bellis (20). Bellis roared after scoring his debut goal.

Since then, Son Heung-min has been away from Tottenham for a while to join the Korean national soccer team. In the last game, he also made a strong impression as he scored a goal. In the match against AFC Bournemouth on the 31st, Son was quick to move from the beginning of the first half. There was no goal luck in the first half. Mata Pape Sarr (22) scored and Tottenham entered halftime with a 1-0 lead.

The second half was Jan. 1 Korean time. Son scored the first Korean Leaguer of the new year. After digging into the back space, he put a left-footed shot into the opposite post. The ball flew so sharply that it hit the post. Then Tottenham even added Hisharlisson’s score. Son’s 12th goal became the final goal of the day. Tottenham enjoyed its first victory of the new year by winning 3-1.

In addition to Son, candidates of the month include Dominic Solanke, Marcos Senesi (AFC Bournemouth), Matheus Cunha (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Mohammed Kudus (West Ham United), Michael Olise (Crystal Palace), and Cole Palmer (Chelsea). Son recorded the most offensive points. The most prolific scorer is Solanke. He has scored six goals to become the EPL’s top scorer.

Son’s drive began in September. Wearing the Tottenham captain’s armband during the 2023-2024 season, Son led his team to victory by scoring a hat trick against Burnley on Sunday. He had the pleasure of being named the MOM player of the match along with his first goal of the season. Son, who played mostly on the sidelines, also received passing points as a striker.

Concerns over the departure of Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) were unfounded. Son perfectly played the role of a central striker just like Kane. The British broadcaster BBC praised Son, saying, “The Tottenham star (Son Heung-min) led the team to victory.” Son showed off his talent as a two-footed shooter during the match against Burnley. He hit the net with a right foot lobbing shot in the first half, then kicked a cutback in the second half to complete a hat trick with his left foot, and stood tall as MOM in the game. Son was replaced by Hicharlisson after 72 minutes.

In the ensuing match with Arsenal, Son became the hero. Postecoglou again appointed Son as the central striker. He scored multiple goals and gave his team one valuable point.

At that time, whenever Arsenal scored a goal, Son responded. When his team was losing 0-1, Son finished Madison’s cross with a sensational left-footed one-touch shot in the 41st minute of the first half. The ball hit the post and was sucked in. Arsenal goalkeeper David Raya had no choice but to look at it.

Tottenham also scored an equalizer in the second half. Bukayo Saka’s goal was leading Tottenham 1-2. After penetrating into the back space in the ninth minute of the second half, Son properly aimed at the corner of the left goal with a right footed shot. The timing of the shooting was a beat faster. Raya found it difficult to respond properly. Thanks to Son’s multi-goal, Tottenham accumulated one point in the tricky away game to the Emirates.

He also set a new milestone for his 200th career goal in Europe. Son scored the first goal in the match against Liverpool, giving his team the lead. It was his sixth goal this season. He touched Hissarlisson’s cross to complete the scoring. Afterwards, Son continued to aim for the Liverpool goal with a sharp shot. Liverpool repeatedly overcame the crisis thanks to Alisson Becker’s save. Son displayed sharp attack capability by attempting bold acrobatic shot at the gate.

The coach took great care of Son. His team needed to score, but Postecoglou boldly dropped Son in the middle of the second half. The story was revealed after the game. According to local media in the U.K., Son was not in good physical condition. In the meantime, he did his part by scoring a goal. Son, who scored six goals in September alone, smiled broadly as he received the Player of the Month award. At the time, Tottenham was leading the EPL with six wins and two draws.

Son’s scoring spree continued in October. At a home game against Fulham, Son scored one goal and one assist, spearheading his team’s 2-0 win. In the first half of the year, Son scored a sharp curler near the penalty box to score the goal. He even assisted James Madison (27), the team’s vice-captain, in the second half, and was named the MOM of the match.

He was the fairy of victory itself. Son also scored the finisher in the ensuing match against Crystal Palace. At the time, Tottenham was leading by an own goal from its opponent team’s defender. Thirteen minutes later, Son effectively sealed the game. He completed his eighth goal of the season with a sensational toe-kick from a cross. The captain has made brilliant contributions to extending Tottenham’s unbeaten streak to 10 games.

Tottenham, which was on a roll, has been reeling from November. The main players were hurt a lot. Defenders Mickey van der Pen (23) and Maddison fell due to injuries, and vice-captain Christian Romero (26) could not play for a while due to his sending off. Tottenham suffered setbacks in succession including Chelsea, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Aston Villa. Son Heung-min was also not strong enough.

Meanwhile, Shearer placed three more players besides Son in the team’s best 11 players in the first half. Salah (Liverpool), Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa) and Jared Bowen (West Ham United) matched Son. Holan (Manchester City), who is leading the EPL goal tally, was excluded.

Two players were named as midfielders. Declan Rice of Arsenal and Douglas Luiz of Villa, who were the center of the Aston Villa sensation, were chosen for the huge transfer fee.

There were a total of three Tottenham players. Son Heung-min, defender Udo-gi and goalkeeper Vicario (Tottenham) enjoyed the honor. William Saliba (Arnall), Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) won the remaining three seats.

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