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What is the difference between normal and double action roulette

You may be wondering what’s the big difference between a normal roulette game and a double action roulette. This is a very important part of the whole process of understanding the specific features of the game. 파친코

Of course, releasing a new version of this popular casino classic is not possible without following certain rules. After all, even if the idea is to provide players with a new source of entertainment, introducing something that is easy to understand and easy to play is still important.

This is why there are some similarities between normal roulette and double action versions. The new version of the wheel in the table game has 37 pockets. Numbers from 1 to 36 alternate between black and red, with a green pocket with a zero on top of it. To attract the attention of various gambling enthusiasts, there is also a double zero variant on the wheel of the double action roulette.

While double action roulette embraces a rule that has 37 or 38 options for the ball to land on, it is the presence of a second inner ring on the wheel that makes the game different from European and French alternatives. The second inner ring is rotating in the opposite direction of the outer ring. The fact that two sets of roulette numbers are on one wheel means that at a certain point the ball sinks into the pocket and there are two different winning numbers.

The layout of the table is also different from what casino fans are familiar with. The double action roulette table has two identical betting sections. Each section can be bet on one of the rings on the wheel. Betting Grit A is something that allows players to bet on the outer ring of the wheel and is positioned close to the roulette wheel. Section B can be used when the player bets on the inner ring of the wheel. This grit is located further away from the roulette wheel.

There is another table layout difference that players will notice. The betting section of the double action roulette accommodates six rows instead of 12 rows with three numbers in each row, with each row consisting of six numbers.

It is important to note that players can bet individual numbers or combinations of numbers on both rings simultaneously, as well as on the inside or outside rings. However, this applies only to so-called inside bets. If you’re more interested in betting on the outside, you’ll actually bet on both wheel rings.

The table layout also has sections similar to racetracks. In fact, you can put a chip in a number that a player can hit in both wheel rings. This means that a roulette ball is likely to land in a socket that represents the same number on both the outer and inner rings of the double action roulette wheel.

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