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What’s Lee Seungwoo’s choice?

Lee Seung-woo in his childhood was considered one of the world’s leading prospects as he was a former member of Barcelona FC Youth, a prestigious soccer club in Europe, but on the adult stage, he failed to establish himself properly and suffered ups and downs.

Since returning to the K League, where steady opportunities to play are guaranteed, Lee Seung-woo has regained his performance and gained valuable experience by completing a full-time season on the adult stage over two seasons. He also contributed to the popularity of K League 1 by demonstrating his star quality with his unique ceremony performance and eloquence. 사설 토토사이트

For Lee Seung-woo, who solved the military service problem with the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and is already in his mid-20s, it is a good time to consider re-challenge in Europe once again. The fact that players of similar age to Lee Seung-woo, including Cho Kyu-sung, Oh Hyun-kyu and Yang Hyun-joon, have recently succeeded in advancing to Europe in the K-League is also a hopeful factor for Lee, who has performed well in the domestic arena.

However, the variable is that Lee Seung-woo has never been successful on the European stage and is receiving attention from various clubs in the K-League. In particular, according to a KBS report on the 15th, E-Land, which has recently shown interest in Lee Seung-woo, is known to have offered Lee Seung-woo a ransom of 2 billion won, the highest in Korea, although it is a second-division team. E-Land also has manager Kim Do-kyun, who knows Lee Seung-woo better than anyone else while playing with Suwon FC.

If Lee Seung-woo is considering returning to Europe, he would have to seek a transfer window in the summer six months after his stay, as was the case with Cho Kyu-sung and Jeonbuk Hyundai last year. For Suwon FC, which suffered a relegation crisis this season, it is not easy to let go of the ace team without any preparation.

Lee Seung-woo’s future course of action could also have a significant impact on Kim’s plans for next season. For Kim, who is new to professional coaching, the leakage of key players can be a huge burden even before the team starts properly. Like Kim, Chung Jeong-yong, head coach of Gimcheon Sangmu, and Choi Jin-cheol, head coach of Pohang Steelers, had to undergo many trials and errors by reducing the difference between youth and adult professional teams.

In addition, Kim Eun-joong, a former striker, recently explained his tactics and soccer philosophy on a YouTube channel, stressing, “In my tactics, the second line is the key. We need a striker who can penetrate well and score well.” Lee Seung-woo is definitely the best player for Suwon FC’s ace role that Kim Eun-joong is pursuing. This is why soccer fans are wondering what synergistic effect the combination of a novice coach who is drawing attention from the K-League and a new generation star will create.

Will Suwon FC be able to keep its pride as the true owner of Suwon in this season when the team went down to the second division? Kim Eun-joong’s first attempt at becoming the head coach of the team and whether Lee Seung-woo will decide his future will be an important variable that will determine the fate of Suwon FC in the next season.

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