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Why did they give 400 million won… Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong’s battle for truth, to establish a “crime of blackmail”

Suspicions arose at the same time that Kim Ha-sung, who plays in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), habitually assaulted Lim Hye-dong, a former (former) manager and junior baseball player, and that Lim continued to demand money under the pretext of Kim’s weakness. Both Kim and Lim strongly deny the allegations, and a battle of truth is taking place.

According to the police on the 8th, Kim filed a complaint against Lim to the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on charges of blackmail and intimidation on the 27th of last month. The police are checking the exact facts by conducting an investigation into the complainant on the 6th.

According to Kim’s legal representatives, Kim gave Lim 400 million won in 2021. However, Kim and Lim have conflicting arguments about the reason for the money.

At that time, they reportedly had a physical fight while drinking at a bar in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, during the ban on gathering to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At that time, if they had violated the order to ban gathering, they could have been punished for violating the Act on the Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases.

In particular, Kim was doing more than 500 hours of volunteer work under the military service exemption at the time. Kim competed at the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games and won a gold medal. 파워볼게임

Therefore, Kim’s side is in a position that Lim demanded money from Kim’s special military service as a weakness. Kim’s legal representative said, “He threatened Kim Ha-sung by taking advantage of his military status and demanded money in the name of the settlement,” and explained, “Kim Ha-sung paid the money on the condition that the opponent did not directly or indirectly contact Kim Ha-sung or do any disadvantageous acts.”

“Nevertheless, (Mr. Lim) repeatedly violated the agreement, such as contacting Kim Ha-sung again,” he said. “As a result, Kim Ha-sung came to a criminal complaint to prevent further damage. Separately, we proceeded with civil lawsuits and seizure claiming penalties for violating the agreement.”

On the other hand, Lim refuted that he did not make a request for money. In an interview with TV Chosun on the 7th, Lim claimed, “I have never contacted (Kim Ha-sung) for two years and never made a request for money.”

He then claimed that Kim habitually assaulted him. Lim’s agent also released photos of wounds to his chin, neck, and stomach, saying it was when he was assaulted by Kim.

However, Kim strongly denied the allegations. “If the allegations are true, he will have to file a formal complaint against the allegations,” Kim’s legal representative said. “In this case, Kim will sincerely engage in the investigation to reveal his innocence and hold him accountable for false information.”

He then stressed, “We plan to file additional charges against the opponent for defaming Kim Ha-sung by reporting false facts and manipulated photos of evidence to the media.”

Whether Lim’s alleged racketeering can be admitted depends on the way the money is delivered. “A person who has directly suffered damage to a criminal act has the right to receive compensation for the damage from then on,” said Park Sung-hyun, a representative lawyer at the law firm. “So normally, reaching an agreement in the form of a settlement can be seen as a legitimate exercise of rights. In other words, as a victim, it is possible to receive it in the form of a settlement for damage recovery.”

However, Park stressed that the process of reaching an agreement is important. “What method was used or what was done is important,” Park said. “It would not be a problem if Kim Ha-sung actively tried to give it to him in a moral way.” “However, if the other party offers an appropriate amount of money and does not give it more than the amount, I will report it.” “If this happens, he will use the other party’s weakness to report or accuse, creating a sense of fear, and thus constitutes a crime of blackmail through the medium of intimidation.”

Even if Kim and Lim had a physical fight with each other, Lim could be convicted of racketeering. Lawyer Park added, “If you ask for a settlement above the appropriate level or if your behavior is abnormal pressure to push the opponent to the corner, it can be a racketeering crime.”

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