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“Why is it falling backwards?” Korean volleyball that lags behind the trend…”Basic” is a problem

The Asian Quarter, which was newly established this season, has brought about a change in the foreign market of the V-League, which was limited to strikers. For women’s volleyball, Ponfun Gedfard (IBK Industrial Bank), the Asia’s top setter, gave a huge shock to the female volleyball team. It took time to work together, but now IBK is the team that everyone envies.

In men’s volleyball, there is Ryohei Iga (Korea Electric Power Corporation). Ryohei’s position is Libero. Just like Ponpoon, he is an excellent player. He is good at receiving (third place) and Digg (second place). He is No. 1 in defense overall. When he tried out, all the coaches admired him.

Korean volleyball fans are accustomed to seeing a defender who reaches the receiving point fall backwards while being served. However, he is different. He stands up and handles receptions whenever possible. 안전놀이터 추천

Simply floating the ball stably is not all about receiving. A global trend is to reach the fall point quickly with a half beat and ‘pass’ in the direction of the setter accurately. The ball is loaded with power, enabling faster attack development. It is possible because of its excellent judgment and footwork.

Okigino, manager of the OK Financial Group, is a Japanese volleyball master. Taking Ryohei as an example, he asked, “How do you teach receiving in Japanese volleyball?” With a smile, Ogino replied, “Are you giving tips to other teams?”

“I also instruct them not to fall (back) when receiving. Then they will be warned. In particular, when an outside heater falls back and receives, it means that they cannot participate in attacks. For the team, there will be one less offensive option.”

“I have emphasized this to my team’s players since the beginning of my appointment. Even if there is a situation where you have no choice but to fall, you have to fall forward, not backward. Only then can we quickly move on to the next move,” he added.

Not only players but also leaders have increased the number of foreign staff, including coach Ohgino, coach Tommy Tilikainen of Korean Air and Marcello Avon Danza of Heungkuk Life Insurance. They are first surprised by the popularity and enthusiasm of Korean volleyball, and then again by the V-League’s heaps of problems.

It is not just a receiver or a set. They are criticisms across a wide range of areas, including the middle blocker’s side steps, the wing striker’s quick step with half-beat, his sense of ball handling, and the ability of Libero and setter to handle balls. They are the basics that one has to get used to from a young age, but the reality is that Korean volleyball has a narrow pool of players and lacks practice time.

It is constantly pointed out that there is a lack of effort to prepare for the game, such as neglect of diet management during the season or inability to concentrate on practice. At this rate, it is unclear how much of their teaching will be delivered even if excellent overseas coaches are recruited.

Recently, a foreign player at Pepper Savings Bank called up his players immediately after 13 consecutive losses, and made headlines when he said, “Don’t get used to losing. Stop being weak.” Pepper Savings Bank manager Joe Trinzie said, “The defense system that I have pursued is different from what I have done so far. Some players suggested that it was beyond our capacity and changed it to a more familiar system.”

A volleyball source said, “With the development of analysis, Superdigs are pouring in every game. Are Liberos better than the past? I cannot say that. Even though there are foreign players, the quality and completeness of the offense have decreased compared to before.”

Another volleyball source said, “In the case of women’s volleyball, there are several talented players, not Kim Yeon-koung, who are as talented as the generation of the London Olympics. The growth rate is slow. Why is this the first problem, but are they not good at it when it comes to the whole league? The bigger problem is that they are not.”

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