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Will FC Seoul reunite with Coach Guinejou, who raised ‘Ssangyong’ in Group B for 4 consecutive seasons? The Turkiye media said, “Prepare for offers.”

Rumors have it that FC Seoul is preparing an offer for Turkiye coach Shenol Guinezhu to revive his past glory. “Seoul is preparing an offer for Guinezhu,” the Turkiye’s Kuzey Anadolu said on Sunday (Korea time). Guinezhu is someone who is a big fan of Korean soccer. He served as the head coach of Seoul in the K-League for three seasons from the 2007 to 2009 seasons. He was the most decorated manager in his career among K-League coaches, drawing keen attention from the public.

He coached Trabzonspor in the Turkiyen professional league and led the team to the Turkiyen Cup championship in the 1994-1995 season. In the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, he ranked the Turkiyen team in third place. He also won the UEFA Coach of the Year Award. 카지노사이트 순위

Recently, he continued his coaching career at Turkiye’s prestigious Besiktas JK. Gwyneth had been in charge of Besiktas since the summer of 2022 and secured a berth to the UEFA Conference League by finishing third in the 2022-2023 season. He had led the team until this season, but volunteered to resign when he suffered a shock 2-3 bandwidth defeat on October 6.

When Gwyneth stepped down from the Besiktas, Seoul seems to have started working immediately. During the K-League days, Gwyneth established offensive soccer based on fast tempo passes and discovered young players who have become the pride of Seoul, including Lee Chung-yong and Ki Sung-yueng.

Lee Chung-yong, Ki Sung-yueng and Park Chu-young, who played as key players when Coach Guinez was in charge of the team, all advanced to the European leagues and later played as key players in the national team. Ko Jeong-han and Ko Myung-jin, who had been given a considerable number of opportunities to play, also became the center of Seoul in the 2010s and were even called by the national team.

Unfortunately, Gwyneth failed to lift the trophy in Seoul. His best performance in the championship game in 2008 was when he became the runner-up in the league by kneeling down against the archrival Suwon Samsung Bluewings. He was also the runner-up in the league cup, which is now abolished. In the end, when he was inaugurated, he failed to keep his promise to return to his home country after lifting the K-League trophy.

Currently, the managerial position of Seoul is vacant. Seoul is a prestigious club that has won six K-League titles. It won the trophy in 2016, relatively recently, before the Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai established the structure of the semifinals, and the FA Cup took the throne twice.

Recently, however, he has achieved results that do not live up to his reputation. He has been in the final round ranking group B (lower split) for four consecutive seasons. His record of third place in 2019 is the best record in five years, when Choi Yong-soo, who led the team to one K-League title and one FA Cup title, took the helm.

During this season, Ahn Ik-soo voluntarily resigned and left the team, while acting coach Kim Jin-kyu took charge of Seoul. The team’s performance was disastrous. Seoul lost 0-2 to Jeonbuk in round 33, falling to the bottom of the division for four consecutive seasons. Consequently, Seoul seems to be thinking of bringing in Gwyneth to revive its past glory in the next season.

Meanwhile, Gwyneth is also the star of the famous “meme.” After the K-League match between Seoul and Ulsan in April 2007, Gwyneth said, “Ulsan seems to like the team just because it is tied with Seoul,” while Ulsan ace Lee Chun-soo replied, “I don’t know since when FC Seoul was strong. As a soccer player, I feel bad to hear. You will hurt your nose if you show off your skills.”

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