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Will the energy of the universe reach China? Will China meet the defending champion succeed in making it to the round of 16

Chinese soccer team is set to advance to the 2023 AFC Asian Cup tournament. It will face Qatar, the host country and defending champion, on Sunday (Korean time). Qatar has already confirmed its lead in the group. China is looking forward to making it to the round of 16 teams.

China failed to win in both the first and second group matches of this year’s event. It drew 0-0 with Tajikistan in the first group match, and ended up with a 0-0 draw with Lebanon in the second group match. In both games, China showed the worst goal-getting ability, and remained scoreless. It was fortunate that China secured two points through “sweeping” offense.

Nonetheless, it is currently ranked second in Group A. Furthermore, Qatar has secured the top spot in its group with two consecutive wins, raising the possibility that it will lose steam in the showdown with China. If China defeats Qatar, it will rank second in Group A with one win, two draws and five points. If it ties with Qatar, it will be in danger if it loses. The rankings will be determined by the results of the match between Tajikistan and Lebanon that will be held at the same time. 토토사이트 추천

The number of cases is quite complicated. For China, the best scenario is to beat Qatar, which is highly likely to join the 1.5-team league. If it ties with Qatar, it will mark three points. If the match between Tajikistan and Lebanon is decided, China will rank third. Currently, Tajikistan and Lebanon have one draw, one loss and one point. The winner of the face-to-face confrontation between Tajikistan and Lebanon secures four points, overtaking China.

If they slip to third place in the group, they have to seek a wild card. They compare their performance with third place teams in other groups with three points. They have three points to draw, so the goal difference becomes zero. We have to watch nervously until all the final matches of the other groups are over. Among the six teams ranked third in the group, they must be in the top four, and the points and goal difference of the team determined as the third place in the other group are important.

What would happen if China loses to Qatar? China marks two draws, one loss and two points. Even in this case, China could rank second or third in the group. If Tajikistan and Lebanon are tied, the possibility of ranking second in the group will open. China, Tajikistan, and Lebanon mark two draws and one loss and two points. If China loses to Qatar by a one-goal gap, and Tajikistan and Lebanon are tied with a low score, the blueprint for a tournament will be laid out. The criteria for determining the group league rankings in this year’s event are points in the order of points-all-goal loss-multiple points. China can expect to beat Tajikistan in multiple points.

If the team ranks third in the group with two draws and one loss, it would be hard to earn a wild card. The third-ranked team in another group is highly likely to earn at least three points. Of course, the teams that rank third with two draws and one loss could come out in the final match. However, as the team is more meticulous in its calculation of its advance to the round of 16 teams in the group stage, it seems difficult for more than two teams to rank third with two points.

China is showing a difficult situation in this tournament. It was far behind Tajikistan, which was considered a step down, and suffered in the match against Lebanon. I am lucky to meet Qatar at the end, which confirmed the passage of the group stage. It will play the final group stage match with an advantage in terms of schedule. Indeed, it remains to be seen whether China can make it to the round of 16 by making up for its sluggish performance.

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