Sunday, 26th May 2024

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Win Macau Leads Macau Casino Stocks Up After Announcing New Licenses

Win Macao led the improvement last weekend as six casino operators announced they would acquire new licenses to operate in the world’s largest gambling houses starting in January.

Genting, Malaysia’s leading operator, missed the opportunity to obtain a license. Stocks were not trading on Monday due to holidays in Malaysia.

Genting Malaysia was seen as a strong competitor to Macau’s license because of its non-gaming experience and appeal to the mass market, a key criterion for the Chinese government to grow power to attract foreign tourists away from gambling.

Macau’s government has highlighted Macau’s extreme dependence on gambling and the need for changes to it, motivating casino operators to get out of gambling after many operators failed to recover amid the COVID crisis. 슬롯머신사이트

According to UBS, Macau officials said, “The main considerations for granting the 10-year license were to ensure local employment, develop overseas tourist markets, and develop out-of-game projects,

New hotel rooms in and around existing gaming facilities have a higher Macau than gaming thanks to their operating leverage, so I think non-game investments should generate reasonable returns.”

“Our company, Win Resort (Macao) S.A., which signed a game concession agreement to sign a new game concession agreement, will conduct capital restructuring to increase its registered capital from 20.1 million patacas to 5 billion patacas ($621.2 million),” a WinMacao official said

In early November, an MGM China official said, “We have entered into a loan agreement with the dominant parent company MGM Resorts International, which has agreed to provide up to $750 million in revolving lending facilities.”


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