Wednesday, 28th February 2024

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Wizards Legion ‘Twins Killer’ Challenges League Equilibrium in 2024

The Wizards’ ‘Twins Killer’ will challenge the KBO’s equilibrium in the 2024 season. KT WIZ pitcher Wes Benjamin is determined to dominate all opponents with his sharpened changeup and slider. With a lack of left-handers on the mound, Benjamin’s performance will be crucial to KT’s season.

Benjamin joined KT in the middle of the 2022 season and played his first full season in the KBO in 2023. He appeared in 29 games (160 innings) in 2023, posting a 15-6 record with a 3.54 ERA, 157 strikeouts, 45 walks, a 1.21 WHIP, and 11 quality starts. Benjamin also pitched in the playoffs (2 games, 1 loss, 3.60 ERA, 7 strikeouts, no walks) and the Korean Series (1 game, 7.20 ERA, 3 strikeouts, 2 walks).

“I was in good shape last year and showed a good flow from the beginning of the season, but it was disappointing that it didn’t last until the end of the season,” Benjamin said at the Gijang spring training camp on Feb. 12. I think I can be more confident about this season while making up for what I lacked last year.”

Benjamin has been the “nemesis” of the 2023 season, especially against LG. In five appearances for LG in the 2023 season, Benjamin went 4-0 with a 0.84 ERA, 30 strikeouts, and three walks. However, the team’s loss to LG in the Korean Series was a major disappointment.

“LG was a really strong team last year,” says Benjamin. “It was disappointing to lose the Korean Series, but everyone knows that LG was a good team. Our team was disappointed that we didn’t play at 100% last year because we had too many injuries early in the season. I expect our team to be in a higher position this season. I personally have a strong record against LG, but we’ll do a better job of preparing to bring that strength to the other teams we play.”

Heading into his third year in the KBO, Benjamin sees refining his changeup and slider as key challenges. He also expressed confidence in the new changes, such as the automatic ball-strike call (ABS) and pitch clock.

“I’m trying to sharpen up my changeup and slider for the new season,” Benjamin said. With my fastball, my goal is to maintain the command I showed last year throughout 카지노 the season. I’m not too worried about the ABS system and pitch clock because I’ve already experienced it in Triple-A in the 2022 season. Also, if the tempo of the game is faster, it will be more favorable for me.”

Instead of having foreign pitchers Benjamin and William Cuevas join the camp immediately on Feb. 1, KT ordered them to get in shape in the United States and join the camp later. “We trusted both foreign pitchers because they are good at getting in shape on their own,” said a KT official.

Benjamin joined the team’s camp on Feb. 12 as a backup runner and worked on simple catching drills. “I had a short offseason last year because the season ended late,” Benjamin said. I just want to say thank you to the organization for being so accommodating and letting me come in and get in shape and join the team at a great facility right in my backyard. I saw the progression of our young pitchers today. I was so happy to be with my teammates again,” he smiled.

At the spring training camp in Gijang on the 12th, KT fans were on hand to cheer on the players, including Benjamin. “It was hard to meet Korean fans in Arizona, but when I came to Gijang, I was so happy to meet Suwon fans. I think our fans are the best fans in the KBO. We want to repay them by winning the championship this season,” he said.


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