Saturday, 2nd December 2023

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Director Nam Ki-il said, “Isn’t it heaven’s will?”

Jeju United was scheduled to play the semifinals of the FA Cup against the Pohang Steelers at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 9th. However, as the sixth typhoon “Kanun” moved north, the FA Cup semifinals were postponed on the day of the game, an hour before the kickoff. The Korea Football Association later demanded that both clubs submit their preferred schedules in the future. Both Jeju and Pohang talked about September 9 and expressed their intention to accept the September 10 schedule.

However, the association chose November 1, the date of the first round of the final, as the semifinals. The final turned into a single round. In fact, the club was informed of this. After the press release came out, a skit took place to receive an official letter. Before the game, coach Nam laughed and said, “Isn’t it heaven’s will?” and added, “What we can do is do our best.” The postponement of the schedule is also due to the weather. It’s not something we can do. I’m going to accept it,” he said. 바카라사이트넷

Jeju, which took a break as the FA Cup schedule was postponed, broke the 10-game draw (4 draws and 6 losses) in the 26th round. The gap with third-place Jeonbuk Hyundai is not much different with seven points. On this day, Jeju operated some rotations. Yuri Jonathan and Hayes start on the bench.

Coach Nam said, “I paid attention to what the opponent is good at, and I thought about and prepared what we could do well.” Suwon has a lot of Midfield numbers. It also places fast resources on both sides. I’ll deal with it well depending on the opponent. He did well against Suwon this season. However, I think we should play carefully,” he said, adding, “It’s an away game. The recent game schedule was also tight. You have to rotate the rotation little by little. “We also considered the hot weather,” he stressed.

Midfielder Kim Gun-woong and defender Lim Chang-woo, who were brought from the summer transfer market, quickly melted into the team. Coach Nam said, “The two players have a big role to play in the team. They are showing what they have as much as possible. “I’m showing my capabilities well,” he said with satisfaction.

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