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Lee Kang-in has already overcome a difficult injury period at PSG this season and succeeded in a proper soft landing since October.

Lee Kang-in left with a hamstring injury in the first game against Le Havre during the pre-season in July. He returned to the team just before the opening of the season and started again until the second round of the league against Toulouse, but he had to leave the team again due to injury. After the injury, he played a short period of time as a substitute in the European Champions League match against Dortmund and left the team for the Asian Games and October A matches.

However, Coach Luiz Enrique kept his faith in Lee Kang-in even after returning from the national team’s schedule. He immediately started against Strasbourg, and in the third round match of the European Champions League group league against AC Milan held at home on April 26, he scored his first goal for PSG despite playing as a substitute. At the time, Lee scored his third goal in the 44th minute of the second half, when his team was ahead by two goals, and PSG won 3-0. He continued his performance in the league as well. Lee, who started in the away game in Brest in the 10th round of the league following the match against Strasbourg, helped Mbappe score goals in two consecutive matches, successfully achieving offensive points. In the subsequent match against Montpellier, he scored the winning goal and even scored the first goal in League 1. He was also selected for the second consecutive week in the League 1 team. Lee Kang-in, who scored an offensive point in the match against Brest and was selected for the 10th round team, was recognized for his performance based on the winning goal in the match against Montpellier in the 11th round, and won the honor of being selected for the team for the second consecutive week. 카지노사이트 순위

After the previous match against Le Havre, there was a lack of aggressive performance, but Lee Kang-in’s commitment received a lot of attention. Despite Lee Kang-in’s low rating after the match, French foot Mercato said, “Lee Kang-in’s breakthrough in Mbappe’s score created the rest of the action. Lee Kang-in, who was immersed in protecting the ball ownership to make up for mistakes even late in the second half, helped the team breathe at certain moments. As every time coach Enrique believed in him this season, he sacrificed himself without thinking about his own interests,” stressing that Lee Kang-in was more committed to playing the team than the offensive part.

France’s Maxi Foot also highly appreciated Lee Kang-in’s ability in a situation where he was outnumbered. Maxi Foot gave Lee Kang-in six points, the highest after Tenas, Mbappe, Vitinha and Danilu, and said, “Lee Kang-in tried to play constantly advancing as shown in Mbappe’s first goal scene. In pressure situations, Ball said his ability to own helped the team take a breather,” explaining that Lee Kang-in’s de-pressure and possession ability helped PSG greatly.

In fact, Lee Kang-in has often been seen protecting the ball from the opponent rather than leading the offensive flow by trying to break through whenever he catches the ball since the middle of the second half, creating moments when PSG players can catch the flow and breathe.

In addition to Lee Kang-in’s offensive talent, Coach Enrique has already acknowledged his ability to play ball, praising his versatility. In an interview after the last European Champions League (UCL) AC Milan match, Coach Enrique said, “Lee Kang-in is a player who surprised me even when I was already training. The ball is rarely taken away. From the manager’s point of view, I am lucky to be able to use a player like Lee Kang-in.” Lee Kang-in’s ability to play ball, which was praised by Coach Enrique, was the driving force behind PSG’s difficult situation.

Lee Kang-in’s role in the midfield was bound to receive great attention. This is because PSG has been worried about midfielders. Spanish media Sport also expressed great concern about PSG’s midfield situation. Sport said, ‘PSG’s history repeats itself. Midfielder is the biggest problem in UCL. PSG has had a bomb-like transfer market every summer, but the problem was the same every year. It was the midfield. They did not win the UCL, because they never had an outstanding midfielder,’ he said, highlighting the situation in PSG’s midfield. This harsh criticism of PSG’s midfield could be an important opportunity for Lee Kang-in. Currently, Lee Kang-in is showing outstanding performances in the midfield, but it is still difficult to definitely pick him as the ace of midfielders. That’s why attention was inevitably focused on Lee Kang-in’s performance as a midfielder in this Nantes match ahead of the sixth game of the UCL group stage.


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