Thursday, 7th December 2023

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The Serca Survivor Competition Sets Record for Largest Prize Money

Las Vegas sports betting company Serca Sports has once again qualified for a professional football tournament. Since the end of Saturday afternoon, there have been 9,267 participants in the Surca Survivor Competition. The final amount of the competition will be $9,267,000 to the winner or the winner, with the guarantee that all entry fees will go into the prize pool.

With 30 teams selected out of 32 teams, the starting team for the first week of the season was also unveiled on the afternoon of the 25th. Washington DC (38.3%), Baltimore (32.2%), and Minnesota (11.3%).

After Sunday’s game, 1,985 out of a total of 9,267 participants were eliminated in the first week. 1,044 in Minnesota, 600 in Seattle, and 141 in Denver were eliminated. By Saturday afternoon’s deadline, 31 people were eliminated without submitting their choices. 경마사이트

The prize money for the Circa Survivor will go to the last person (or people). It consists of up to 20 bridges throughout the year, one each week of the football season and two special weeks. Each week, participants choose a team to win, but participants cannot select the same team twice during the season. Thanksgiving/Black Friday and Christmas Day are considered their respective competition weeks.

Last year’s Circa Survivor was the largest legal professional football tournament in the country with 6,133 entries. With more than 2,852 unique participants, including 353 who purchased up to 10 entries in the competition, it beat last year’s numbers by more than 50%.

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