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Why did Conte rot this talent on the bench? Tottenham’s future prospects are highly praised likely to re-sign

When he first announced his move to Tottenham Hotspur, not a lot of attention was paid to him. Still, internal expectations were high. Fabio Paratici, the former general manager of the club, said, “Pape Sarr is one of the biggest talents in Europe. He is a really good recruit. Many teams have shown interest in him, but we did. Because he still needs experience and has to play, he has to consistently play for one team. This was a great investment for the club.”

However, when Pappé Sár arrived at Tottenham, he could not expect to play as a starting player. Antonio Conte, the coach, did not appreciate the potential of promising players. Pappé Sár only played for nearly 600 minutes during the 2022-23 season. It was too little time to show his presence. 스포츠토토

However, his future has completely changed since the inauguration of Coach Enze Postecoglou. Even before the start of the season, Postecoglou said, “What an incredible player. He is a great talent. He is very skillful. His ability to find space, to break through the line with or without the ball is very good. He is always in the right space, and he approaches aggressively,” in complimenting Papezar’s ability.

Postecoglou boldly picked Pape Sarr as the starting player. Pape Sarr does not have many offensive points but is still playing as a lubricant in an invisible place, with one goal and two assists in 15 official matches. Even when Pape Sarr was sidelined due to injury, Pape Sarr’s vacancy was felt significant.

England’s The Athletic praised Pape Sarr’s chances of becoming a leading player beyond the 2023-24 season selection when he spent time on the bench in the second half of last season. It is surprising that Sarr has already become an important cog for Postecoglou’s team in September this year. His biggest strength lies in helping Tottenham become a team designed by Postecoglou, he said.

Tottenham is reportedly preparing to renew his contract as soon as Pape Sarr quickly became an important player for his team. “Just like Destiny Udozi, he is reborn as a star under Pape Sardo Postecoglou. There is no need to think about (re-signing),” Tottenham predicted.

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