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Fern 88 Debuts 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup ‘Prediction and Victory’ Tournament

Fun88, an online sports betting and gaming platform, announced the launch of its special competition, “Predict and Win,” in honor of the highly anticipated ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Cricket lovers and thrilling prediction fans can now take part in this exciting contest to earn an incredible chance to win the ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 by predicting who will win.

This exclusive promotion is open to both new and existing players and invites everyone to join the excitement of cricket World Cup betting. Fun88 India World Cup 2023 promotion will run until November 19, 2023, ensuring that cricket lovers can participate and make predictions will be extended.

Fun88 is a leading online sports betting platform that strives to improve the online cricket betting experience for its users. Through the “Predict and Win” contest, cricket fans can not only enjoy the thrill of the game, but also get a higher level of excitement by predicting cricket World Cup winners and betting on the best World Cup teams.

How it works is as follows: 온라인경마

For each prediction, participants will receive 100 points.
At the end of the competition, the top 50 highest-scoring players will share a huge pool of prize money of 50 lakh, which will be awarded on December 1, 2023.
This promotion is only available once per player. If multiple players achieve the same score, Fun88 will be awarded a prize to the first predictor, taking into account the date of participation.
Winners have the flexibility to choose how to win prize money through their bank account or Fun88 account.


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