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Gyeongnam-Cheonan, busy going to ‘General Lee Kwang-joon-Park Min-seo Meng-gun’, 1-1 draw

Gyeongnam and Cheonan tied 1-1 in the 27th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ held at Changwon Football Center on the 21st. Gyeongnam, which was trying to compete for the lead, sought three points against Cheonan, the lowest, but unfortunately only one point. Gyeongnam had to be satisfied with advancing to third place, beating Gimpo FC in multiple points with 42 points. Cheonan succeeded in ending its third consecutive loss against strong South Gyeongsang Province.

Before the game, the coaches of both teams emphasized the “first goal.” Gyeongnam coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “There is a play we are good at. There were things that the forward strikers finished by raising the cross well, but they are blocked as the opponent analyzes it. He defends with a sweatshirt, not a regional defense, and even Kim Cheon-sang dealt with us like that. It is the recent games that have collapsed while losing points in such a embarrassed situation.

“Now that there are not many games left, it is important to overcome mistakes without repeating them,” he said. Coach Seol said, “Cheonan was centered with Paulino and Shin Hyung-min joining. “Even in the last match against Bucheon, we lost points first and forced ourselves to make up for it, leading to defeat,” he said adding, “The finish is the key to the Cheonan match.” If we make a goal in the beginning, we’ll have a chance to win. “Gleason’s scoring ability is not good, such as going down from the top of the scoring, but it is still important to make a goal in the current situation,” he said.

Cheonan coach Park Nam-yeol said, “It’s three consecutive losses. As Gyeongnam is a team with good offense, it is important to do well defensively. “As the content was not bad even in the losing game, I also supplemented the part about the score,” he said. “First of all, the atmosphere is not bad,” he said. “We plan to bet on the game if we don’t lose points in the early stages against Gyeongnam and lead it from 60 minutes to 70 minutes.” “As there are talented players on our bench, it is important not to score the first goal to use them,” he said. 온라인카지노

Gyeongnam presented a 4-4-2 card on the same day. Gleason-Won Ki-jong two-top, Castro-Song Hong-min, Lee Kang-hee, and Seol Hyun-jin stood at the waist. Park Min-seo, Park Jae-hwan, Woo Joo-sung, and Lee Joon-jae made the four-back. Ko Dong-min defended the goal. Cheonan fought 3-4-3 against each other. Lee Seok-kyu, Mota, and Paulino formed the three-top. Park Joon-gang, Shin Hyung-min, Jung Seok-hwa and Kim Joo-hwan were located in the midfield. The three-back was composed by Lee Jae-won, Lee Kwang-joon, and Kim Joo-heon. Kim Min-joon wore goalkeeper gloves.

Gyeongnam pushed hard from the beginning. In the second minute of the first half, Won Ki-jong connected a cross from the left with a header. It was slightly off the mark. A minute later, he had another good chance. In a corner kick situation, Park Jae-hwan connected a diving header. It was blocked by the goalkeeper’s defense, and Park Min-seo connected the ball with a shot again, but it missed. In the 6th minute, Won Ki-jong broke through and fired a shot, but it missed.

Gyeongnam’s offensive continued. In the 15th minute, Castro broke through the left and hit a mid-range shot. Missed. Made a good 18 min scene. Seol Hyun-jin attempted a left-footed shot after winning the opponent’s physical fight in a counterattack. I was blocked by the goalkeeper’s super save. A minute later, Seol Hyun-jin connected a corner kick from the left with a header. It came up. In the 21st minute, Won Ki-jong tried a cutback by breaking down the left side. The defense cleared Gleason before he shot. In the 24th minute, Seol Hyun-jin connected Lee Joon-jae’s cross with a header. He was blocked by goalkeeper Kim Min-joon again. In the ensuing situation, Castro connected it with a header during the match, but the goalkeeper caught it.

Cheonan fought back. In the 29th minute, MoTa connected the cross that Jung Seok-hwa raised from the left with a header. It came up. Paulino fired back-to-back shots in the 34th and 38th minutes, but it didn’t lead to a goal. Cheonan finally scored the first goal in the 40th minute. Paulino’s corner kick from the right was connected by Lee Kwang-joon with a header. The goalkeeper blocked it, but Lee Kwang-joon jumped back in and pushed it in. Cheonan, which gained momentum, connected Paulino’s corner kick with a header just before the end of the first half. Slightly over the crossbar.

Gyeongnam made a change with the start of the second half. Park Min-seo was deployed without Woo Joo-sung. Cheonan also included Yoon Yong-ho, excluding Lee Seok-gyu. In the third minute of the second half, Won Ki-jong pushed in Lee Joon-jae’s cutback, but it came up. A minute later, Cheonan’s Yoon Yong-ho attempted a mid-range shot. I went over the crossbar. Gyeongnam missed a decisive opportunity. In the 7th minute, Seol Hyun-jin jumped in and pushed the cross from the left. The goalkeeper was blocked. Park Min-seo’s shot then slightly missed the goalpost. Cheonan’s Yoon Yong-ho once again attempted a mid-range shot in the 9th minute, but missed.

There’s a variable. In the 12th minute, Park Jun-gang came out with an injury. Instead, Shin Won-ho was deployed. Gyeongnam made a 17-minute chance. While Won Ki-jong broke through, Park Min-seo caught the ball and connected it to the shooting. But he was blocked by the goalkeeper. Park Min-seo’s free kick in the 20th minute was also caught by goalkeeper Kim Min-joon. In the 23rd minute, Gleason attempted a right-footed shot, which was also blocked by Kim Min-joon.

The equalizer came in the 25th minute. Gleason broke through the right and crossed. Park Min-seo jumped in and finished calmly. Cheonan immediately chose to change. Kim Chang-soo and Cha Oh-yeon were added without Jeong Seok-hwa and Kim Joo-heon. Gyeongnam also deployed Cho Sang-joon instead of Seol Hyun-jin. Cheonan put Damir in place of Yoon Yong-ho in the 35th minute. Gyeongnam scored a come-from-behind goal with a header in the 38th minute, but it was canceled due to offside.

Gyeongnam connected Park Min-seo’s cutback with a shot in the 42nd minute when Cho Sang-joon jumped in, but was blocked by the opponent’s defense’s hexagonal defense. Cheonan also fought back. Mota’s shot was saved by the goalkeeper. Gyeongnam removed Ki Won-jong and even put Yoo Jun-ha in the 44th minute. Gyeongnam attempted a left-footed shot as Castro broke through the center in the extra time, but swallowed its disappointment by crossing the crossbar. Despite Gyeongnam’s last-minute offensive, the game ended 1-1 in the end.

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