Friday, 1st December 2023

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Kim Ah-rim’s pants burst due to “Power T-Shot”…Cool reaction. “Let’s win the game!”

Does it bode well for Kim A-rim, who tied for fourth place by three differences from the lead in the last four rounds? 온라인카지노<

Kim A-rim hit a powerful tee shot on the first hole of the fourth round of the “Chris F&C 44th KLPGA Championship” (total prize money of 1.2 billion won, winning prize of 216 million won) held at Ildong Lake Golf Club (par 72/6,689 yards) in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province on the morning of the 1st.

Kim Ah-rim, who hit the tee shot vigorously, had to look at the ball all the way and check her pants. I heard my pants pop while taking a power tee shot. Kim Ah-rim checked her pants.

It was about 2cm inside the thigh of the pants. Kim Ah-rim sat once on the green, talking to her caddie and reacting coolly I woke up. I couldn’t tear my pants anymore, and I smiled awkwardly.

After Kim Hee-ji and Lee Ye-won in the same group finished their tee shots, the three players moved for a three-cut shot, posing affectionately toward the reporters. I’m looking forward to the outcome of Kim Ah-rim, who experienced an episode in which her pants burst in the final.

Kim A-rim tied for fourth with a 4-under 68 in the first round, tied for seventh with a 2-under 70 in the second round, and tied for fourth with a 4-under 68 in the third round.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyo-joo led the race alone with a 13-under 203 until the third round. Kim Hyo-joo is the sole leader for three consecutive days. He will try to win 14 games, win his fifth major tournament, and win his fourth wire-to-wire championship.

After the third round, Kim Hyo-joo said, “I was sorry that I made a mistake on the last hole while coming on a walk. Still, there have been several crises until the 17th hole, and it is satisfactory that he saved well and maintained his 60s at-bats well. The weather and temperature were so different from yesterday. It seems that the score was not reduced much because there were not many chances compared to the first day because it was raining and chilly. “The shot is not bad, so if the weather is good tomorrow, I think a better shot will come out,” he said.

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