Wednesday, 24th July 2024

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Koljuegos extends deadline for implementing RG measures to August

Colombia’s gambling regulator, Coljuegos, has extended the deadline for implementing liability gambling (RG) measures for operators to August. Resolution 7,624 in 2024 means operators with an ongoing contract with Coljuegos will have until Aug. 1 to implement measures to promote RG in Colombia.

Marco Emilio Hincapié Kolzuegos, chairman of the company, says the core goal of the 2024 resolution 7,624 is to encourage operators to develop strategies to raise RG awareness related to inappropriate levels of gambling.

Hincapier explained, “A responsible gaming strategy consists of two stages: first, implementation, which is responsible for the operator and includes a self-control mechanism for the player, and second, monitoring, which evaluates program outcomes.”

Koljuegos trying to protect vulnerable players in Colombia 메이저 토토사이트

A working group seeking an agreement with Kolzuegos for the RG push will meet with the foundations. Hinckapier declared Kolzuegos was working to strengthen the RG push with a key goal of protecting Colombia’s most vulnerable players.

“We have been working hand in hand with operators with the intention of establishing guidelines and management metrics for creating and implementing best practices manuals for responsible gaming,” Hincapier added.

“We are also working to establish a support network for those who may be potentially affected. To this end, we have approached institutions and institutions that provide mental health services to help care for people who show symptoms of uncontrolled gambling.”

Col. Egos is trying to be an advertising regulator
In October last year, a bill was introduced by Kolzuegos targeting Colombian gambling advertising regulators.

Coleyuegos has issued a resolution outlining how to regulate advertising in Colombia. The measure included limiting marketing spending to 20% of expected gross gambling revenue and banning misleading advertising. Coleyuegos will also ban operators from sending marketing content to people who are self-excluded.

They would have come into effect on Jan. 1 this year. However, the Colombian government decided not to approve Col-Yuegos’ efforts, and as a result, the bill failed to pass.

What gambling is legal in Colombia?
Colombia’s parliament passed Act 643 in 2001 to enact gambling laws.

Colombia became the first Latin American country to regulate gaming with the Gaming Act in 2016. The act also legalized online sports betting.

For businesses with an RTP (Return-to-Player) ratio of 83%, the tax contribution is 15%; meanwhile, for businesses with an RTP ratio exceeding 83%, the tax contribution is 17% of the GGR.

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