Friday, 1st December 2023

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Lee Young-ha pitched as a relief pitcher in Game 8 of the Season

It is a pitch that does not feel a gap of 10 months at all. The consecutive games are basic, and they were organized into a must-win group within two days of the first-tier call-up and harvested holds for two consecutive games. Lee Young-ha (26, Doosan), who took off the school violence tag, has become the most reliable must-win agent for coach Lee Seung-yeop. Lee Young-ha pitched as a relief pitcher in Game 8 of the season against Hanwha at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 7th and reported his second hold of the season with one hit, one strikeout and no runs in one inning. Following the match against Hanwha on the 6th, he recorded two consecutive holds, contributing to the team’s early securing of the winning series. 스포츠토토탑

Lee Young-ha took the mound as the team’s sixth pitcher in the eighth inning with a 5-3 lead. Coach Lee Seung-yeop chose Lee Young-ha as a pitcher to protect the lead when the batters turned the game around with four runs in the seventh inning, trailing 1-3, and the replacement of the pitcher was right. Lee Young-ha met Lee Jin-young after handling the first batter Jang Jin-hyuk’s fly ball to right field and allowed a missed left-handed hit in 3B-1S. However, there were no runs. He struck out pinch hitter Park Jung-hyun and caught Moon Hyun-bin with a fly ball to left field in the first pitch to end the inning. His fastball speed was only in the mid-140km range, but he gained the upper hand in timing battles with young Hanwha hitters with sharp sliders. Lee Young-ha finished the game in a good mood after handing over the mound to closer Hong Gun-hee in the ninth inning with a 6-3 lead. He has 14 pitches.

Lee Young-ha, who was indicted without physical detention on charges of school violence last summer, was acquitted on May 31 after a nine-month lengthy legal battle. Lee Young-ha immediately headed to Jamsil Stadium and completed his 2023 season annual salary contract for 160 million won, and was called up to the first division on June 3 after playing one Futures League game. As setup man Jung Chul-won was canceled due to the WBC (World Baseball Classic) drinking scandal, the registration time was earlier than expected. The return match took place in a relaxed situation. He took the mound in the eighth inning, trailing 3-13 against Suwon KT on the 3rd, and learned the atmosphere of the first division without losing a point in one inning, and the next day, KT took the mound in the fifth inning when it was being dragged 2-4. It was his first multi-inning performance and consecutive pitching in his return.

Despite a 10-month hiatus, Lee Young-ha was formed into a must-win group, showing off his ball power that smelled like a 17-win ace. And he met Hanwha in Jamsil on the 6th and reported an emotional hold 588 days after the match against Kiwoom in Jamsil on October 26, 2021 with one hit, two strikeouts and no runs in one inning. It is known that Lee Young-ha did not neglect personal training even during the legal battle. He devoted himself to weight training and lost 8kg and built a light and solid body. Lee Young-ha, along with Jung Chul-won and Park Chi-guk, is expected to stay in front of closer Hong Gun-hee for the rest of the season. Coach Lee said, “I haven’t played since September last year, but I’m okay. Due to the team’s circumstances, we had no choice but to start with a combination, but they did well. I checked the status of the combination and there was no problem. “I will use it for important situations in the future,” he said.

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