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Political supporters of the Irish National Lottery Survey

As the latest news on the Lotto segment tells us, Bernard Duncan E. Dalla of the Irish House of Representatives is calling for an investigation into the national lottery, Premier Lottery Island, in hopes of making it better to win the lotto. 온라인경마

According to lawmakers, the audit and investigation of the lottery is necessary because there are no winners. There was not a single winner of the Premier Lottery, which will be held twice a week from June 6, 2021. Durkan argues that the main reason is that the number of winning balls, which were raised to 47 six years ago, has changed.

The Irish TD believes the number of balls should have stayed at 36 as in 1986. He also said KPMG independent observers should oversee all national lottery draws as before.

The National Lottery claims the case is unprecedented
According to lottery rules, the prize money must be capped at 19.06 million euros, and all rollovers must be moved to the next winning level. In September 2021, the Premier Lottery reached its maximum winning level, and 46 draws have been made since then. The National Lottery Board has added a 23-week rollover as an unprecedented issue.

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