Thursday, 7th December 2023

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Sherbman Gill’s early days at No. 3 aren’t impressive, ex-Indian opener suggests areas he should ‘tighten’

India-West Indies Test series sees Shubman Gill hit in news slot 3. India-West Indies Test series sees Shubman Gill hit in news slot 3. While he started innings for India before, Gill is slowly getting used to his new position. He hasn’t scored much on the spot so far. In the first test in Dominica he scored six points, and in the first innings of the second test in Trinidad he scored ten points. Former Indian opener Wasim Jaffer, who has played 31 tests and two ODIs in India and has numerous records in domestic cricket, said Gill will have to learn the skills of the third batter, especially on slow, low pitches.

“Looking at the big picture, he wants to bat there for longer. But the beginning was not the way he wanted it to be. In this Test match and this inning, he had a good chance, a good wicket, and (the team) got off to a good start. I felt he played a little loose and would definitely be disappointed with the layoff, and that’s where he needs to strengthen. He likes the ball coming to the bat because of whiteball cricket, which he’s used to hitting on the upswing,” he said.

“He wants the speed he sees in whiteball cricket. But in red ball cricket, on wickets like this, maybe in India when he plays, it’s not easy to play on the upswing. He just needs to understand that and improve his performance for those conditions.” 바카라사이트
Jaffer said Jaiswal got off to a great start for the cricket test that many players dream of.

“It was a dream start. There is no doubt about it. Getting 170 points (171) in debut innings and catching up with 50 (54) is a dream start everyone wants to have. He’s on the right track, and I knew him until 2013-14 after he worked with Jwala Singh (coach) and I was involved,” he said. Talking about the Indian T20 team in the West Indies series, Jaffer said he was surprised by Umran Malik’s choice.

“I was surprised by Umran Malik’s choice. We’ve seen him lose a lot of points in T20 cricket. He is better suited for testing or daily cricket. He needs to learn the skills of T20 cricket. I don’t think he’s ready to play T20 cricket.”

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