Saturday, 2nd December 2023

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The birth of a ‘hit-up’ black hole…Yang Seokhwan erased three hits with “Crazy Defense”!

SSG center fielder Jihoon Choi drew admiration from fans with his crazy defense in the game between Doosan and SSG of the “2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” at SSG Landerspiel in Incheon on the afternoon of the 22nd. 바카라사이트

Jihoon Choi hit Oh Won-seok’s fourth 144km fastball and sent the ball toward the left-center fence with one out and second base in 3 seconds. The timely hit was enough to make it visible. However, a fast-footed Jihoon Choi ran like lightning and caught the ball, erasing Yang Seok-hwan’s hit.

Jihoon Choi also erased Yang Seok-hwan’s hit in the top of the fifth inning. In the top of the fifth inning, Yang Seok-hwan’s ball with two outs flew close to the 120m point of Landers Field. The Jihoon Choi jumped and caught the ball before colliding with the fence. Yang Seok-hwan, whose batting was caught by Jihoon Chois in a row, sighed deeply as if he was disappointed.

Jihoon Choi, who came into the dugout, received congratulations and applause from his teammates along with starter Oh Eun-seok.

Choi Ji-hoo also caught Yang Seok-hwan’s home run in a game against Doosan on the 21st. The ball hit by Lee Kun-wook stretched out to the right-center fence. Later, the Jihoon Choi flew up and caught a home run. Doosan applied for a video review but was ruled out.

Yang Seok-hwan, who had his home run stolen (?) in the seventh inning, made a playful complaint to Jihoon Choi, who hit a double and stepped on the second base.

In the game, SSG won a thrilling 6-5 victory with Kim Sung-hyun’s walk-off sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 10th inning of extra time.

SSG starter Oh Won-seok pitched seven innings with 102 pitches, eight hits (one home run), two walks, four strikeouts, and three runs (two earned runs), recording quality start+ (less than three earned runs in seven innings), but failed to win.

In the batting lineup, Kim Sung-hyun led the team to victory with one hit and two RBIs in three at-bats. And Han Yu-seom showed off his good batting sense with one hit (one home run) and two RBIs and one run scored by Choi Jung with two hits and two RBIs in five at-bats.

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