Friday, 1st December 2023

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The closure of London Casino

In addition to the lockdowns that the gambling industry suffered greatly, a variant of the novel coronavirus has created another challenge for the market. Due to the COVID-19 surge in London, city agencies have decided to tighten restrictions and introduce specific measures to prevent the spread of the virus. It hasn’t been long since I’ve been allowed to continue operating the casino operations. On December 2, offline gambling facilities were allowed to open for visitors. Until this day, London casinos had a very unstable period. They were sealed off in March, waited until August, then closed again in November, and finally returned to normal in December. But despite all the efforts the casino has made to create a safe bet, it has now been forced to start over.

Of course, this situation is very important for London-based casinos, especially during the festival. Christmas holidays are a time when people are encouraged to find entertainment, and the Horeka business is in high demand. This year, the vertical line will cause losses during the holiday as not only casinos but also restaurants and bars will be closed for customers. Britain’s Department of Health and Social Services gives reasons for the decision to state that the new COVID-19 variant is spreading faster than previous species, meaning that citizens in the country are at higher risk of infection. That is why the Department intends to keep public places safe, and according to its representatives, closure is the only way out. 경마사이트프로

More interestingly, this restriction will not apply to all gambling industries. For example, the gambling sector will not be as restricted as casinos. Bookmaking stores can accommodate visitors, but first, it turns out there is a set of rules that apply to capacity and services. Also, experts do not make positive predictions about the future situation in London. In addition, many of them are convinced that the casino industry should be ready to close more in the future. According to Steve Donoughue, many gambling facilities are expected to close their businesses.

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