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“The oldest is the same age.” Jihoon Choi-Choi Won-jun. “Confidently, young players have a strong fighting spirit.”

Jihoon Choi and Choi Won-jun expressed their commitment to the Asian Games.

The South Korean national baseball team, led by head coach Ryu Joong-il, held a call-up training session to prepare for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on September 24. The national team, which was convened on the 23rd, will conduct training until the 27th before departing for China. 바카라

Outfielders Jihoon Choi and Choi Won-jun, who are the same age, took on important roles in the national team. This is because Lee Jung-hoo, who was expected to be the center of the national team in the face of a lack of outfielders, could not join due to injury. The captain of the national team is Kim Hye-sung, but Jihoon Choi and Choi Won-jun should lead their younger brothers with the “oldest” players in the field group.

In particular, Jihoon Choi is likely to be in charge of the center field position without Lee Jung-hoo. Jihoon Choi said, “I was a young player in the WBC national team, but not here. “It’s a little burdensome,” he said. “But I think it’s a good opportunity. “I have heavy shoulders, but I will do well,” he said.

Choi Won-joon, who was selected for the final entry of the national team while serving in the military in Sangmu, is one of the few players who has solved military service problems in the national team. Choi Won-jun said, “The military is not an easy place. I think I need to help a lot for the ‘unfinished’ players, he laughed.

The Asian Games national team set its own age limit at the entry stage. Thanks to this, almost all players are young players in their early and mid-20s. As it is a national team without veteran star players, some say it is the weakest ever, but many expect young spirit.

Jihoon Choi said, “Only young players are gatheredIt shows the unique atmosphere of young players. There’s a lot of energy and something like “burning” is formed. We all got close in two days. I think it will go well,” he said with a smile. Jihoon Choi said, “We are just ‘brothers’ who are one or two years older. Hyesung is an experienced veteran. So is Kang Baek-ho. He added, “I think I’ve selected a good captain who can lead the team atmosphere.

Jihoon Choi’s SSG and Choi Won-jun’s KIA are currently in a fierce five-way race. Leaving the team at the last-minute match, where the ranking fight is most intense, is inevitably uncomfortable for the player. However, his team created an atmosphere so that players could focus only on the national team. Earlier, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “Even without you (Jihoon Choi, Park Sung-han), the team runs well on its own, so get a gold medal.” Choi Won-jun also laughed, saying, “My brothers only told me to have a good trip and buy gifts.”

The national team is most wary of Taiwan, which they meet in the group stage. The situation is mainly attributed to the considerable power of Taiwan. Jihoon Choi and Choi Won-jun said, “Pitchers usually throw 150km/h. I don’t think it will be easy just to hit it. As there are many players in the national team who have strengths in performing operations, I think we should solve it well in that direction.” “We are focusing on the match against Taiwan,” the match against Taiwan. I will win and go with confidence,” he said.

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