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While singing Major League Baseball songs, Korean baseball still insists on teaching too much

I am more happy to see Korean players such as Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto), Kim Ha-sung, Choi Ji-man (San Diego), and Bae Ji-hwan (Pittsburgh) playing in the big leagues. I feel vicarious satisfaction with my juniors playing on the stage I dreamed of, and I look really happy just by looking at their expressions. I think it’s really fun to watch players dance or play around with each other during the game.

On the other hand, I was also disappointed by why we couldn’t do that. They are constantly trying to accept the system of Major League Baseball, the home of baseball, and changing baseball regulations. On the surface, they say they accept new things, but in reality, they don’t seem to.

There is something I always say when I meet amateur baseball officials. “Amateur and professional are different.” It was not easily understood in my view. There were many cases of drawing a line like “That’s because it’s a professional.” For example, in the case of running slow, if you throw well, you throw well, and if you throw badly, you scold who plays like that. It is common to say not to play that you don’t teach, but if you make a mistake without saying anything if you do well, you should reprimand instead of applause. 온라인카지노

Recently, I was surprised when I went to watch an amateur game. When a player made a mistake, he immediately replaced it. Will his defense skills improve by replacing him immediately just because he made a mistake. Rather, it can be changed passively, such as fear of making mistakes or hoping that the ball will not come. I even felt bitter that nothing has changed from the past when the players looked at the dugout after making mistakes or striking out. I had to play baseball, but I felt like I was just reading the room. Rather than improving his skills, he will stop playing baseball day by day after day being conscious of other people’s eyes.

All of this seems to stem from sexualism. Because they are in a hurry to perform, they are conscious if they fail to show good performance, and there are many players who cannot say that they are sick even if they are sick. That is why there are many players on the operating table as soon as they make their professional debut.

We still seem to stick to teaching too much. Rather than teaching unilaterally, coaching is to identify the pros and cons of the players and derive their potential. If you create a good environment, you will realize yourself and become more passionate. It is said that Korean baseball is in crisis, and the priority is to provide a foothold for players to play as much as they want.

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